40 Measurement and Testing New Wireless Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System

Detecting early hydrocarbon leaks has never been that easy. Smart Sensor Technology (Spain) has developed a wireless hydrocarbon leak detection system that could be easily installed in monitoring wells from 2” up.

Facilities storing large amounts of hydrocarbons (as fuel stations, bulk storages or refi neries) are at risk of suffering leakage, causing environmental impact, risks of fi re, and damages in the brand image. All that will defi nitely have a big impact in the company performance.

The new device developed by SST works with a wireless sensor that fl oats in the air-water interface of the monitoring well, and which physical-chemical properties are modifi ed by the presence of hydrocarbons. The sensor is connected to a transmitter at the top of the well that broadcasts once a day (or any desired period). The signal can be visualised in any computer or mobile phone. That way any leak will be detected before it is too late, avoiding expensive environmental remediation costs.

This system features some competitive advantages in: Price: it is affordable, since no civil works are needed; Time: it takes no longer than 10 minutes to get the device installed and working; Reliability: no false alarms, the sensor will only activate the alarm by the presence of hydrocarbons; Remote communication: the system sends communication once a day (or the desired period); No wires: completely wireless

installation up to 1 km; Durability: 7 years lasting battery, Proofs: a sample of the contaminating liquid is retained by the sensor, Reusing: the sensor can be replaced and reused; and ATEX certifi cation and IP68 protection.

Smart Sensor Technology (SST) has developed an effective, low cost, high reliability device, that will allow the industry to detect hydrocarbon leaks in its early stage avoiding the costs of environmental remediation, fi nes and loss of reputation.

Informative Flow Measurement Bulletin Titan

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Enterprises (UK) has published the

Spring 2016 edition of its quarterly fLowdown ebulletin which contains a wealth of hints and tips, technological developments, interesting applications advances and breaking news from the fi eld of fl ow measurement.

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A Cost Effective, Low Maintenance Solution for Flare Gas Monitoring

Galvanic Applied Sciences (Canada) offers high-value, low cost-of-ownership solutions for monitoring of H2S and total sulphur (TS) to assure full 40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja compliance. Environmental authorities in the U.S. are requiring that process plant operators continuously monitor and

record fl are emissions and associated fl ow rates and gas composition. The ProTech continuously measures the feed gas to fl are for H2S compliance and where required provides a total reduced sulphur (TRS) or total sulfur (TS) analysis.

Galvanic’s ProTech H2S/TS analyser delivers fast, accurate, interference-free results using the most widely

accepted analytical method in use today – lead-acetate-tape detection. Rugged and reliable, the analyser has an exceptionally wide measurement range to meet all the EPA monitoring requirements. It exceeds performance standards of GCs, other lead acetate analysers and a wide variety of other detection technologies, but its economic cost of operation make it one of the highest-value H2S analysers on the market. With the ProTech analyser’s unique ability to analyse both H2S and TS, operators can use the same analyser throughout their facility, reducing spare parts inventory and lowering costs.

Available for download from the popular Technical Tip column looks at the challenges of metering fi xed volumes of liquid into a process and offers a 7-point plan to eliminate errors and improve reproducibility.

In each issue of fLowdown, the editors review a particular fl ow metering technique, its benefi ts, shortfalls and the applications to which it is best suited. The Spring 2016 issue looks at Coriolis fl ow meters and provides an informative introduction to this accurate fl ow metering technology.

Bulletin board previews and gives access to a soon-to-be published article that examines increasing industrial demand for liquid fl ow measurement systems operating at low fl ow rates and discusses the technological advances in novel ultrasonic fl owmeters that are enabling better measurements to be made.

Also in the Spring 2016 issue is a feature on low cost fl owmeter technology development for beverage dispensing, a case study on semi-automated additive application and details of several new product introductions from Titan Enterprises.

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Leading Flare Gas Meter Enhanced

Fluenta, have announced the launch of a new product, the Fluenta 160X fl are gas meter. The Norwegian company, headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom and part of $300 million Vista Holding Group, has a commitment to research and development (R&D) investment to match the changing nature of the market.

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At the heart of the 160X meter are enhanced transducers which allow accurate measurement of fl are gas in more environments, including: extended high and low temperatures (-220ºC to 250ºC); bigger pipe diameters, or where high levels of CO2

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or hydrogen are present, thanks to a 10x stronger

measurement signal; upgrades to existing fl are gas meters, whether Fluenta or not, as the new transducers are retrofi ttable, giving a fast and smooth installation.

Sigurd Aase, CEO of Fluenta, commented: “The new 160X meter will allow companies that fl are to up their game, providing not just accurate measurement but the ability to manage and reduce emissions. Industries such as Oil & Gas, chemicals and petrochemicals will now fi nd that they too can benefi t from cost and environment saving strategies, while ensuring compliance with all local regulations.”

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Galvanic’s ProTech H2S/TS is a cost-effective, low maintenance, fast and space saving; making it the obvious choice for Flare Gas Monitoring.

Advanced Measuring Products for the Gas Industry on Display at DUG East Conference

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KROHNE, Inc. (USA), recently displayed measuring products for the gas industry at the DUG East Tradeshow, which took place June 21-23, 2015, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Booth 328.

The OPTISONIC 7300 ultrasonic fl ow meter which was on display at the booth is an economic solution for low pressure gas measurement, whether the gas is wet or dry. It is an excellent choice for natural gas, shale, and biogas applications, as well as hydrocarbon and process gas vents. OPTISONIC 7300 operates independently of gas density and composition and features an integrated fl ow computer for pressure and temperature compensation. Available in sizes ranging from 2-inch to 24-inch, the OPTISONIC 7300 is built for long-term use. It features an overall sturdy and robust construction, with no cables or sensitive parts exposed and no moving parts in the fl ow sensor. The OPTISONIC 7300’s wide range of applications and maintenance-free full-bore fl ow sensor design makes using the device particularly cost-effective.

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