Measurement and Testing

Tried and Tested Process Flashpoint Analysis

The FPA-4 flash point process analyser from BARTEC BENKE offers rest assured continuous flash point temperature analysis for kerosene, diesel and other refined products with a low sulphur level. The latest version has an extended temperature range of 25 to 180 degrees Celsius. This analyser

performs a catalytic oxidization technique which significantly reduces coking of samples on the cell hence reducing maintenance needs. This versatile and cost effective instrument can analyse from multiple streams of samples within ASTM correlation based on catalytic reaction.

Users of the FPA-4 enjoy peace of mind as this analyser incorporates overflow protection, integrated failure diagnosis and self-monitoring, scheduled automatic regeneration. A validation report for quality assurance is available and, like all of the BARTEC analysers, the unit works with Modbus/RTU. Modbus/TCP (bidirectional) interfaces and remote access can be achieved with Ethernet (VDSL or FOC is) and it is can be programmed via digital and analogue inputs.

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The Only ASTM Compliant Capillary Process Viscometer

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BARTEC BENKE’s VISC-4 is the world’s only ASTM compliant capillary viscometer. This analyser can continuously measure

kinematic viscosity and density, allowing it to then calculate dynamic viscosity with amazing temperature

stability (+_ 0.02K) to make it compliant with ASTM D445 Standard. This makes the VISC-4 it an ideal solution for applications such as lube oil production and fuel oil blending where accurate viscosity readings are paramount. These accurate measurements reduce costs as well as raising quality, so the return on investment is rapid.

Maintenance requirements are minimal because of the temperature control and insulation system and no Hagenbach correction is required. Multi- stream capability, integrated failure diagnosis and self-monitoring and validation reports for quality assurance come as standard features and there is an option of automatic rinsing and draining. As with all BARTEC analysers, the instruments works with Modbus/RTU. Modbus/TCP (bidirectional) interfaces and remote access can be achieved with Ethernet (VDSL or FOC is) and it can be programmed via digital and analogue inputs.

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Flash Point Process Analyzer FPA-4  Continuous measurement  Very short lag time  Capable to handle back pressure on return line  No coking of measuring cell (reduced maintenance eff orts approach)  Extended measurement range up to 180 °C  Mobile HMI solution for remote access to the analyzer


Borsigstraße 10 21465 Reinbek/Hamburg Germany

Phone: +49 40 72703-201

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The well established Flash Point Process Analyzer FPA-4 remains the best solution to continuously measure the fl ash point of kerosene, diesel and other low sulphur refi nery products. The improved concept off ers an extended measuring range up to 180 °C (356 °F). The catalytic oxidation tech- nique signifi cantly reduces maintenance requirements by eliminating carbonization of the sample on the cell.

All major refi neries worldwide trust in analyzers from BARTEC BENKE.

Reliable Measurements Ensure Process Safety

Bartec’s (Germany) Hygrophil F5673 has a proven track record for reliable trace moisture measurement in a variety of liquids and gases. Originally designed for the natural gas market, the Hygrophil F 5673 is furthermore used for to measure trace moisture in an array of liquids and gases in hydrocarbon process streams.

Bartec has patented a measuring principle whereby the trace moisture content in the analyte changes the refractive index of the optical layers found within the instrument’s sensor. There is a change in the light spectrum’s minimum caused by

the presence of moisture, which is then measured by a Polychromator located within the analyser.

The multichannel Hygrophil F5673 and its rugged moisture sensors has been successfully used in the petrochemical industry to measure recycle gas streams, gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons and fuels. It has also made bio and natural gas plants safer places, measuring gas treatment streams, biogas injection plants, gas transport, gas storage facilities and gas dryers. This versatile analyser has also been widely used in chemical plants for performance evaluation of catalysts and process safety and in improving operations and quality control at power plants.

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