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New System for Early Warning of Hydrocarbon Leaks though Existing

Monitoring Wells

CLH Group, installs an innovative technology developed by Smart Sensor Technology (Italy) for early warning of hydrocarbon leaks though existing monitoring wells.

CLH Group has been a pioneer in implementing a new hydrocarbon leak detection system in water using a net of existing monitoring wells. The company has installed its technology in 12 facilities in 2015.

According to CLH Environment and Security Head, Fernando Garcia, “this technology entails a perfect complement to all our efforts to be at the forefront of environmental best practices”.

The system consists in a grid of wireless sensors installed in existing monitoring wells. These sensors float in the air-water interface and they broadcast, once per day or the desired period, the signal to be visualised from any computer or mobile device.

The sensors work using a Physical-Chemical reaction to avoid false alerts. The sensor also allows to know the type of contaminant as well as it retains a physical evidence of the contamination.

The devices are ATEX certified and communicate between them in 868 MHz frequency. They are IP68 and they last 10 years with the same battery.

The system is completely wireless and if needed it can use repeaters to cover big distances till it connects to the GRPS control unit. The control unit is installed inside the client’s office and connects to the cloud for easy access.

The devices are extremely easy to install. Just drop the sensor inside the piezometer (from 2” and over) and set the transmitter in the top of the monitoring well. The installation takes no more than 10 minutes for each piezometer and no civil work is necessary.

The operating range of the transmitters is about 100m. But if they are below the metallic chamber of the monitoring well the signal strength is reduced to only a few meters. In this case a simple repeater is installed near the emitter in order to extended the signal up to 100m. You can use more than one repeater to reach several hundreds meters.

The control unit is installed in the client’s office where it collects raw data from the sensors, finally all this information will be sent to a server in order to be available from any computer and mobile device through a cloud based solution.

According to Alvaro de Fresno, Technical Manager of Grupo Hera Tratesa S.A.U., the installation of 12 sensors across a facility can take 2h approximately in standard conditions.

The technology is very affordable and allows companies to have a very efficient continuous online monitoring system at a fraction of the of other alternative solutions says Santiago Ramas, CEO and Co-Founder of Smart Sensor Technology.

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New Industrial Emission Analyser Introduced

Wöhler (Germany) introduces the A 550 Industrial Emission Analyzer. The portable instrument is designed to be used in tough industrial heat processes, such as boiler and burner testing, heat processes and engine testing. This special industrial environment brings a number of major challenges for the exact measurement and analysis of the flue gas as well as for a simple handling. And the Wöhler A 550 Industrial meets them all.

The analyser is fully equipped with sensors for temperature, pressure, O2 , CO,

NOx and SOx. A special probe, the in-stack stainless steel sinter-filter probe, protects these high-tech sensors against heavy dust loads. Together with the battery driven Peltier cooler it is possible to measure even nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions with precision and display the readings with a high resolution of 0.1 ppm. Another reason for the superior precision is the high- power pump for negative pressures up to 300 mbar which allows to take fast and representative samples. To measure flue gas velocity and flow rate the Wöhler A 550 Industrial is equipped with a dual port digital pressure sensor.

The handling of an instrument is an important topic within the context of working with boilers and burners. This point was especially taken into account when developing the analyser: On the large and brightly lit 7” color-monitor the readings can easily be read anywhere, even in an environment with difficult lighting conditions. The clear arrangement and the graphical presentation of the readings allow an excellent overview. Because of the touchscreen the individual functions can be launched as intuitively as using a smartphone. With a tap of the finger it is possible to perform a complete analysis and inspection of boilers and burners.

Weighting only 1.25 kg and equipped with magnets, the analyser can be attached to any magnetic object. This feature allows the user to work hands-free. He can run or stop measurement readings when simply holding the probe, because the probe is equipped with a start/stop button.

The Logger option allows to perform long term measurements. The user can configure the logger to the application needs, simply by entering the start date and time, the interval and the total amount of measurements. The analyser will then automatically calculate the ending date and time of the measurement. During long time measurement a peltier cooler ensures accurate readings by removing the condensate from the sample. It is battery-driven which provides more than 4 hours off-grid operation time.

Data management can comfortably be done. The built-in memory of the analyser can store up to 1,000 records. Furthermore there are a number of interfaces available to transfer data: USB, infrared and Bluetooth. The corresponding software allows to store and analyse the measured data on the PC. For documentary purposes another option is to print out the readings directly on-site.

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Trial Success for pH Electrodes in LNG Plant Introduction

At a large LNG plant in Brunei trials have been carried out on the new Refex pH electrodes. Two sets of the Refex electrodes (RM-5810 reference electrode and RM-5610 pH glass electrode) have been retrofitted into the existing Rosemount 381 immersion systems. These new electrodes were installed in the pH measurement of Flocculators A5301 (Tag no. 53-QT-7) and A5308 (Tag no. 53-QT-12) for 90-days trial run. These two existing pH meters were selected for the following reasons: Drifting pH values, Frequent cleaning of the electrodes, Frequent calibration of the meter, Replacement of glass electrodes between 6 to 12 months.


The Refex RM-5610 pH glass electrode paired with Refex RM-5810 reference electrode was observed to be reliable, accurate and required less cleaning maintenance for the pH measurement for the flocculators. During the trial run, a remarkable reduction in cleaning frequency of the electrodes and calibration was noted. The pH values were found to be within the control limit for both meters, although much

of the errors tend to be on the positive side of the deviation which means that there is still a systematic error in the system. Nevertheless, systematic error is not a concern in this electrode replacement.


Although the plant has been using the Refex pH electrodes with its Rosemount 318 assemblies for just three months, the introduction of the Refex electrodes is said to have transformed its pH measurement. Since the introduction of the Refex electrodes into the existing system, the pH measurement was claimed to produce accurate, reliable, stable and less cleaning maintenance and calibration. The LNG plant will continue to use the Refex pH electrodes that are currently still running now. The LNG plant will also be considering the replacement of other conventional pH/reference electrodes throughout the plant to these Refex pH electrodes in the future.

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