Q. Do we play if it is raining?

A. Yes. However if rain is accompanied by lightning, then play will be stopped for the safety of the children. The decision on the severity of the weather is the referee’s. If the game has not been started or is less than 1/2 done the score when called is 0-0. If the game is 1/2 complete, the score at that time stands. (U14-U18 only)

Rain out games will not be rescheduled.

In divisions without referees the coaches shall mutually agree to cancel the game in the case of poor weather. If lightning is seen in the vicinity of the field, play must stop immediately and cannot continue for at least twenty minutes.

Q. How are the standings calculated?

A. Standings are calculated for all leagues from U14-U18 and are based on the following:

Win 3 Points -- Loss 0 Points -- Tie 1 Point -- Rain-Out 1 Point (0-0 tie)

As part of CYS’ commitment to the OSA’s Long Term Player Development Strategy standings will not be kept for any divisions age 12 and younger.

Q. What type of game information is recorded on the website? A. The following game information is maintained for each league:

Micro (U4 - U6), Small Sided(U7, U8, U9, 10) and HL (U11, U12)- Schedules House League (U14 - U18) - Schedules, Scores, and Standings. In all cases, player information is never recorded on the website.

Q. Is there a minimum amount of time players get to play per game? A. Yes. House league and mini players are to play 1/2 of each game.

Q. Does the game count if there is no referee?

A. CYS strives to provide referees for all matches from U8-U18 House League. In the event that a referee does not show up for a game, a parent who is familiar with the rules may volunteer to officiate the game.

Q. Who makes up the schedule?

A. The game schedule is set by the club staff, and is dependent on the particular age group, the number of teams, and the available fields. Practices are set by the coach at their convenience.

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