7. Ball In and Out of Play 7a) ) The ball is out of play:

• When the whole of the ball has crossed the goal-line, whether on the ground or in the air.

• When the play has been stopped by the referee/coach. 7b) The ball is in play:

• At all other times including when it rebounds into play from a goal post, a cross-bar or after hitting the referee and remains in the field of play. 8. Method of Scoring

8a) A goal is scored when the whole of the ball has crossed over the goal line, between the goal-posts and under the cross-bar, provided it has not been thrown, carried or intentionally propelled by hand or arm, by a player of the attacking team, except by a goalkeeper from within his own penalty area.

8b) The referee shall be the sole judge as to whether a goal has been scored.

8c) During the course of play, should any outside agent prevent the ball from passing into the goal or assist the ball into the goal, play shall be stopped. The referee shall restart the game by dropping the ball.

8d) Standings are not kept for Small Sided Games U7 - U8 – U9 - U10 soccer program as CYS follows the Ontario Soccer Association’s Long-Term Player Development Model.

9. Substitutions

9a) Unlimited substitutions are permitted at the following times with the approval of the referee:

Coaches are expected to have subs come on and off at the centre line in a controlled fashion.

• On any pass-in by either team • After a goal is scored by either team • At a goal kick by either team • At the start of the 2nd Half •

To replace an injured player

Note: Substitutions may not occur on free kicks or corner kicks 10. Pass-ins (kick-ins) 10a) Pass-In will be used for U7 - U8 – U9 - U10 Small Sided Soccer.

10b) A Pass-In is a method of restarting the play when the whole of the ball has passed over the boundary line either on the ground or in the air. 10c) A Pass-In is taken at the point where the ball crossed the touch-line. 10d) A goal cannot be scored directly from a Pass In.

Note: As per LTPD there will be no throw-ins at Small Sided Game Soccer Level

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