5e) Cancellation of Games:

Games may be cancelled by the City of Cambridge if fields are determined to be unplayable. This decision is made on a daily basis by 2:30pm. Should any fields be cancelled the office shall contact all affected parties, including coaches, parents and referees. You may also CYS website/Facebook/Twitter feed to see the status of play, otherwise, you should report to the field as scheduled. Games that are rained out will not be rescheduled.

6. Start of Play

6a) At the beginning of a game, choice of halves and the kick-off shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The team that wins the toss shall decide which goal to attack in the first half. The other team will take the kick-off.

6b) At a kick-off, all players shall be in their own half of the field of play. All players opposing the team taking the kick-off shall be not less than 6 yards (5.5m) from the ball until it is kicked-off.

6c) game shall be started by the referee/coach giving the signal.

6d) Should the player taking the kick-off play or touch the ball a second time before it has been played or touched by another player, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team.

6e) After a goal has been scored; the game shall be restarted by a kick-off, to be taken by a player of the team against which the goal was scored.

6f) After the first half of play, the teams shall change halves (sides) and the kick-off shall be taken by a player of the team opposing that which started the game.

6g) For any stoppage not mentioned elsewhere in these rules, the referee/Game Leader shall restart the game by dropping the ball at the place where it was when play was stopped, unless play was stopped in the penalty area. In this case, the ball shall be dropped on the penalty-area line at the point nearest to the where the ball was when play was stopped. The ball shall be in play as soon as it touches the ground.

Special Note 1: Restarts

Below is a list of restarts and how the referee will restart the game 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Corner Kicks – Direct

All Free Kicks – Indirect Kick Pass-Ins (kick-ins) – Indirect Kick Goal Kicks – Indirect Kick Drop Balls – Indirect Kick Kick Offs – Indirect Kick Penalty Kick – Direct

Special Note 2:

A role of the referee is to also allow young players to learn the game. This may involve the referee allowing players the opportunity for minor infractions if incorrect technique is used/ simply mishit (kick-offs, kick-ins, goal kicks etc) to award a “re-do”.

The referee should ensure the same player attempts a second time, with verbal guidance and help

This should be done quickly and is an aid to help the young player learn and understand the game.

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