Q. The fields where my child plays are very rough. Who maintains the soccer fields?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have a soccer-specific field in Cambridge. Our organization shares many of the fields with other local sports organizations. The City of Cambridge maintains the playing fields. Any complaints regarding the fields may be brought to the attention of the CYS Clubhouse via email at We will work with the City’s Park Managers to rectify the situation whenever possible. If parents are able to send in pictures of the fields in question it will certainly help get the situation fixed in a timely manner.

Q. The uniform provided to my child is too small. Can I get a replacement?

A. The CYS office orders uniforms based on a best guess at the sizes for the age groups. We realize that there will be some discrepancies in the sizing. The shirts are numbered from the smallest sizes to the largest. i.e. #2 is the smallest shirt and #19 is the largest. The coaches are encouraged to distribute the shirts based on sizes and NOT on what number the player desires. It is extremely difficult for CYS to order replacement shirts due to sponsorship arrangements and stock availability with the supplier. Parents are encouraged to speak to the coach and see if a shirt swap can be made with another player on the team.

Socks and shorts can be easily switched for a larger or smaller size if the parent returns the unworn originals to the clubhouse at 745 Fountain St N.

Q. The coach has chosen a practice night that doesn’t work for our family. What can I do?

A. The practice night is chosen at the discretion of the coach. If a player is unable to make it to the practice they cannot be punished in any way by being forced to sit on the bench for extended periods during the game. All coaches must abide by CYS rules that state ‘all players must play at least half the game’. CYS will also provide extra training sessions, up to six throughout the season, which House League players can attend (age u6-u12). A small fee will be charged to cover the cost of the fields and the CYS Staff Coach. Please see your player package for more information on these sessions. Please note that coaches are not required to hold a practice (although 99 percent do). The practice component of the program is not part of the registration fee paid to CYS

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