13e) In Small-Sided Soccer, – Any player can take a goal kick from the defending team. This restart MUST be a kick from the penalty area with the ball being stationary on the ground. (A drop kick, punt or throws will not be allowed as a restart for a goal kick).

14. Corner-Kick

14a) When the whole of the ball has crossed the goal-line, either on the ground or in the air, excluding that portion between the goal-posts, having last been played or touched by a member of the defending team, a corner-kick shall be awarded to the attacking team.

14b) The corner-kick shall be taken from the within the corner-arc nearest to where the ball crossed the goal line. All opponents shall be not less than 6 yards (5.5m) from the ball until it has been kicked. The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves.

14c) If the player taking the corner-kick plays or touches the ball a second time before it has been played or touched by another player, a free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team.

15. The Goalkeeper

15a) The goalkeeper is the only player allowed to use their hands to handle the ball in the penalty area. 15b) goalkeeper cannot handle the ball outside the penalty area.

15c) If the goalkeeper handles the ball outside the penalty area, a free kick will be awarded to the attacking team and taken at the location where the offence occurred.

15d) After making a save the goalkeeper may put the ball back into play within the penalty area either by kicking or throwing the ball. The goalkeeper shall be encouraged by the referee to play the ball quickly as possible to get the ball into play. Intentional time wasting shall result in a free kick outside the penalty area to the opposing team. The referee is asked to use their discretion in applying this rule. 6-10 seconds is long enough for a keeper to get the ball back into play as a guideline.

15e) If from an intentional back pass from a team mate the GK picks up the ball a free kick will be awarded to the opposition from the place the offense occurred.

15f) Retreat Line

When the goalkeeper collects the ball with their hands in open play, the opponents must drop off to the half-way line. The ball is in play as soon as it leaves the goalkeeper’s hands.

If the goalkeeper wants to play quickly they can do so. They do not have to wait for the opposition players to retreat.

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