9. Player Removal

9a) Any coach wishing to have a player removed from a team must make a request to the CYS Technical Director and House League Director, in writing, to arrange for a hearing before the Senior House League Director/Discipline Chair.

9b) The hearing should be attended by the player, or at least one of the player’s parents or guardians, the coach, Senior House League Director/Discipline Chair.

9c) The decision of the executive shall be final. 10. Postponement & Rescheduling of Games

10a) A game should be abandoned by The Referee if there is sufficient thunder, visible lightning or in the case of extreme rain and pooling water. Upon abandoning the game, wait 15 minutes in a safe area to see if the situation clears. If there is not a safe area or the weather does not clear the game can be cancelled.

10b) In the case of a referee cancelling a game due to inclement weather, if the game is at half time or in the second half the game will be counted as played. If the game is cancelled in the first half, the game will be counted as a tie with a 1-1 score (U14/U18 only). It is the call of the referee to cancel a game. In the case that a referee doesn’t show and a coach is refereeing then both coaches must agree to cancel the game.

10c) The office will only cancel games if the City of Cambridge says the fields are unplayable (this will only be done over a course of many days of wet weather). All games will be recorded as a tie with a 0-0 score (applicable in U14 and U18 divisions only). Contact the office and/or visit the website to see the status of play, otherwise, you must report to the field as scheduled.

10d) Games that are rained out will not be rescheduled.

11. Abandoned Games 11a) If a game is abandoned due to the action of any player or team official, the Referee shall note on the game sheet the reason for the abandonment and notify the circumstances to the Club in writing.

11b) If the referee does not submit a report on the abandonment, the Executive may request a written report from each coach.

11c) The Executive may hold a hearing into the incident, may adjust the allocation of game points, and may take disciplinary action.

11d) In the event that game points are adjusted, the offended team shall receive points equivalent to a win.

12. Forfeited Games 12a) A game will be forfeited for any of the following reasons: • Failure of a team to appear for a game. • If a team delays the start of a game by more than fifteen (15) minutes. • If a team has fewer than seven (7) players (6 players for Under 11 & 12).

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