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Pulp Paper & Logistics

Papermaking 4.0 harnessed with Voith’s new generation machines

A new generation of paper making machines, said to offer fast and easy start-up, excellent value for money, pioneering technologies, ease of use and integrated solutions, has been launched by Voith. The first examples of the XcelLine of machines have already been installed at a paper maker in China and a tissue manufacturer in Taiwan.

With a name that stands for

‘Xcellent Performance’ the new machines are said to offer paper manufacturers decisive advantages: optimised individual components,

combined with improved interfaces and process flows, result in a significant reduction in project and start-up times. It’s also said to be part of Voith’s plan to take paper makers into the digital environment, with Papermaking 4.0 harnessing ideally-matched products, technologies and services to machine performance with the objective of more profitable paper production.

As a full-line supplier with

the largest range of services, components and products on the market, Voith claims to offer paper

manufacturers comprehensive expert advice and solutions from a single source. The interaction of Voith BlueLine stock preparation and the new XcelLine paper machines ensure top-class paper quality and machine efficiency. Successful start-ups have

already been completed with XcelLine paper machines, with the installation of two packaging paper machines, Zoucheng PM31 and PM32, for Sun Paper. Voith says that just a few hours after start- up PM31 was producing several hundred tons of marketable paper. Since then it has been running

smoothly and stably at a high production level. One month later PM32 was also successfully commissioned. One example of a successful XcelLine tissue machine is the Cheng Loong TM16 in Taiwan. It is particularly energy-efficient, as the Yankee dryer hood is heated with steam instead of gas, while the combination with the NipcoFlex T shoe press reduces running costs. With an operating speed of 2,001 m/min the TM16 is regarded as the world’s fastest tissue machine with a steam-heated Yankee dryer hood.

British chemical supplier gains approval for peracetic acid

Paper and pulp businesses can now source EU-approved biocidal disinfectants from the UK now that Airedale Chemical, the only British- based producer, has received BPR approval for its peracetic acid (PAA) products. It follows Airedale’s confirmation of its place on the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). Peracetic acid plays an essential

role in the prevention of slime formation in paper machines. It is also used as a disinfectant against odours that occur due to bacteria present in the organic environment

director at Airedale Chemical who has been integral in the bid for registration, said the company is delighted to be the only UK manufacturer directly approved by ECHA.

“Securing Airedale Chemical’s

of paper mill water circuits. The Biocidal Products Regulation

stipulates that chemicals such as disinfectants, pest control products and preservatives now have to be approved by the European

Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and covers biocidal products used in the protection of materials, humans and animals against bacteria, pests and other harmful organisms. Chris Chadwick, managing

Visitors up at Zellcheming-Expo

This year’s Zellcheming-Expo pulp and paper industry show in Germany attracted four percent more visitors than in 2015. Of the 1,901 that attended the

Frankfurt event, 24 per cent were from outside Germany, and 30 countries were represented, the

November/December 2016

top three being Austria, Finland and Switzerland. Almost nine out of ten visitors

recommended the show and said they would visit again in 2017. Bernd Balzereit, group sales & marketing chief at Omya International AG said: “Zellcheming

-Expo offers an excellent opportunity for networking. From a professional perspective Zellcheming -Expo is an important exhibition about pulp, paper and board in the German-speaking area. We will come again.” Of the 155 exhibitors, 38 per

registration has been a lengthy process but incredibly worthwhile as the purpose of the Europe- wide regulation is to ensure the greatest protection of people and the environment from the use of biocides – and to improve how the biocidal market operates within the EU,” Chadwick said.

cent were from abroad. Tanja Schuchert from exhibitor Jagenberg Paper Systems commented: “We are satisfied with this year’s Zellcheming -Expo. […] We could welcome many clients and could held some very promising talks. We are already looking forward to the next show.“ Next year’s show will be held from 4-6 July at the Frankfurt Fairground.

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