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Pulp Paper & Logistics


factories in Austria, China, and Germany.

Andritz pumps were installed

from the raw water intake system, through the mill, and to the waste-water treatment process. Five two-stage vertical line shaft pumps were installed on a floating barge (a first in the pulp industry), combined with five booster split- case pumps (750 kW motor and flywheels) to transport water to the mill from the nearby Tibagi River. A large portion – 99 in total – of the Andritz pumps is installed in the fibre line. Of these, the majority are single-stage centrifugal pumps of various designs with efficiencies up to 90 per cent capable of transporting suspensions up to 6 per cent consistency. Two high-pressure pumps are also installed in this area. The medium-consistency pumps move pulp suspensions up to 16 per cent consistency without difficulty.

In addition, dozens of process pumps from Andritz

Low-maintenance pumps have been optimised for use in the pulp and paper industry, where they operate with an efficiency of more than 90 per cent with low pulsation

were installed in the boilers, evaporation plant, drying plant, and chemical preparation plant delivered by other EPC suppliers.

Six split case pumps, weighing nine tons each and driven by 1,000 kW motors, were installed in the cooling tower system.

Installation, commissioning, and start-up were supervised by field technicians from Brazil and Austria. The Puma Mill started production precisely as planned when the original contracts were signed. In order to be able to respond quickly to maintenance and servicing of the pumps, Klabin set up a store in the mill with Andritz-recommended spare parts and wear parts. Andritz is also collaborating with Klabin to develop an innovative ‘shopin- company’ concept at the Puma Mill.

Such a huge project demanded a lot of interaction between HPU locations. Communication was a key to success. The lessons learned have also prepared the team for similar projects in the future. More information from Roberto

Developed specially to convey viscous media, the Andritz MC-pump can transport pulp suspensions of up 16 per cent b.d. without any difficulty with efficiencies up to more than 70 per cent

Barce. Email: roberto.barce@

November/December 2016

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