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Pulp Paper & Logistics


Defibrator ordered for new fibreboard line in India

Tesa mills, a defibrator system has been ordered from Valmet. The EVO-56 defibrator will


produce 28 tons per hour of bone dry fibre when it starts up in September 2017. “We have compared the

different refiner alternatives available in the market and found that Valmet’s defibrator is the most suitable choice for our line,” says Vivek Jain, director at

Action Group. Leif Sundberg, sales manager at

Valmet, added: “The defibrator to be delivered is specially designed for production levels up to 32

s part of a new fibreboard line being built in India by Action Group for one of its

tons per hour, which is perfect in this case. The customer has two existing fibreboard production lines, and this is the first defibrator system from Valmet. The fibreboard market is growing in India, and Action Group is the second customer during 2016 that has chosen Valmet as preferred supplier.” Action Tesa, part of the Action

Group, is one of the largest companies in fiberboard business in India and their products are mainly used for floors, door skins and furniture.

Upgrade for Cartulinas CMPC’s bleaching system at Maule

In Brief

Metsä Tissue is having its TM3 tissue machine in Raubach, Germany and its tissue machine in Pauliström, Sweden, both upgraded by Valmet. TM3 in Raubach will be equipped with the same headbox as TM1 while Pauliström will replace its existing shoe press and dryer with Valmet’s Advantage ViscoNip press and cast iron cylinder. “We are impressed by the results of the new OptiFlo headbox and the Advantage ViscoNip press, but also by the great team work we had in the TM1 project at our Raubach mill,” says Guido Bröcker, senior vice president for technology at Metsä Tissue.

A new high consistency bleaching system has been started up by Valmet at the Rottneros pulp mill in Sweden. It is the first step in a larger rebuild project at the mill, called Agenda 500, that will increase total capacity to 500,000 tons per year. “The check-out and start-up of the plant went beyond expectations, as you want it to do, and we have already been able to lower the peroxide charge,” says Jan Viper, project manager at Rottneros mill.

Cartulinas CMPC is to upgrade the complete bleaching system at its mill in Maule, Chile, which processes 100 per cent radiata pine for the production of softwood bleached thermo- mechanical pulp. The bleaching system upgrade by Andritz will increase BTMP

production from 30 to 37 admt/h, while substantially reducing energy consumption per ton of pulp produced. With startup expected in the final quarter of 2017, Andritz will supply: components for the existing screw press that feeds the installed HC mixer; a new screw

conveyor system to the peroxide high-consistency (PHC) bleaching tower; a new PHC bleaching tower including an integrated medium- consistency (MC) pump; a new pulp screw press including dilution conveyor; and a new MC pump to feed the pulp to the existing storage tower.

A part of Valmet’s team during start-up in front of the screw presses. From left: Zhi Ping, Technical Sales Manager, Lars Spjuth, Start-up Manager and Kim Rökman, Service Engineer showing pulp samples before and after the new bleaching tower

November/December 2016

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