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Fork lift’s electric power matches ICE performance


n eight-tonne electric forklift truck that delivers ‘near ICE [internal combustion

engine] performance’ has been launched by Hyster Company. “The new electric J8.0XN provides similar performance to the Hyster LPG equivalent in most normal paper and timber applications, giving businesses the option for zero emissions and quieter operations,” says Phil Ireland, Senior Product Strategy Manager at Hyster in the UK. “It is an eight-tonne capacity

forklift that will suit companies with large fleets and will be particularly interesting for firms that produce their own electricity,” he says. “The truck combines Lithium ION with high voltage systems and superior motor technology.”

Pulp Paper & Logistics

In brief The Li ION battery is said

to be large enough to ensure long endurance, giving a stable performance over a full shift before recharge. From flat, the battery can be fully charged in two hours and will sustain high endurance levels during its operational life. “The new J8.0XN is faster to accelerate over the first 15 metres and lifts at the same speed as the Hyster ICE model,” Ireland says.

Top speed is 21.4km/h (unladen) and 18km/h (laden) which Hyster claims is a full 4km/hr more than the nearest competitor, while noise level for the operator’s is just 73 dB(A). More information from Hyster-

Yale Materials Handling Inc, 5875 Landerbrook Drive #300, Cleveland, Ohio 44124, USA. Tel: 1 440 449 9600. Website: www.hyster-yale. com

Press clothing cleaning technique to reach more markets

The company behind technique for cleaning the clothing of paper making machines using the application of biodegradable chemicals under high pressure has applied for a patent to cover the process in 13 countries. Contech, a leader in the

treatment of felts and wires, has been using the process in Brazil for two decades and has obtained a renewal there. The process enables the cleaning

of felts and wires without stopping production, bringing benefits such as increased productivity and clothing life, a rise in the dry content of the press output and reduction in value-specific consumption.

November/December 2016 Moreover, says Contech, it shows

greater stability in the basis weight and moisture profiles, increased presses drainage capability, enhanced production and reduced downtime for clothing cleaning. Contech has 25 years of

experience in this sector, and this has resulted in the registration of patents in South America, and now in Europe. The founding of Contech’s Center of Development, Research and Technology (CDT) 10 years ago is based on innovation and supplying of the best solutions for its customers. “In the last three years we have

been heavily investing in a Contech internationalisation plan, with

a significant 45 per cent growth in 2015. Furthermore, in view of the consolidation of the clothing treatment market in Brazil, now we seek diversifying our portfolio with new products for the paper market,” said Contech’s operations chief Abilio Franco. The countries where the patent has been granted this year are: Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey. Before that, the system was already applied in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru), in North America (Canada) and in Asia (China).

● British made electromechanical technology and services provider Parsons Peebles has brought its Parsons Peebles Generation, Anstee & Ware and Taylor & Goodman, under a new brand identity. “As we continue to grow the Parsons Peebles business into the top electromechanical solutions providers, bringing our businesses under one brand identity is clearly the next logical step,” said Frank Barrett, operations chief at Parsons Peebles Group.

● Swanline Paper and Board (SPB) has collaborated with Swedish paper mill Oppboga Bruk AB to launch a water resistant outdoor display board that does not use a polyethylene coating to achieve its impermeability. Marketed exclusively in the UK under SPB’s Cygnus brand of packaging and display products, Cygnus Outdoor Display contains up to 60 per cent recycled fibre, is FSC certified and is 100 per cent recyclable. Its innovative 100 per cent paper fibre composition enables an unrivalled resistance to moisture, even compared to less ecologically sound PE coated alternatives.

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