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Pulp Paper & Logistics


Working in a safe culture – the PM1 papermaking machine at SCA’s Chesterfield Mill in the UK

SCA has achieved its target to reduce the number of workplace accidents by 25 per cent between 2011 and 2016. SCA’s annual Global Safety Week initiative, which launched last year, has contributed towards a substantial decrease in accident frequency across SCA’s 80 plus production sites worldwide, specifically within its six manufacturing facilities in the UK.

PPL: What is the focus of safety training at SCA? JL: SCA places great emphasis on behavior-based safety training. The training is used to demonstrate the value of safe procedures and how workplace accidents can be prevented. Global Safety Week was run across all of SCA’s production

sites between 26 September and 2 October 2016. This activity forms part of an already existing company-wide programme to promote safety and minimise incidents.

PPL: Does SCA have dedicated safety personnel at its sites? JL: Yes. All SCA manufacturing sites have dedicated safety managers, who report directly to the site manager or director, ensuring they have seniority within the site leadership teams to avoid any issues with prioritisation. Also, there are health and safety committees on which representatives of about 96 per cent of the workforce serve. As the operations director for all the consumer goods mills across

the UK, a significant part of my role is overseeing health and safety. I tour the operating areas, warehouse spaces and general sites every day where possible specifically observing workplace safety as the main objective. I always ensure the emphasis remains on safe working behaviors and removing risks completely wherever possible. It’s important for me to ensure that whatever is happening, whether it be a ‘normal’ production day or the most extreme unplanned breakdown event, my team must prioritise people’s safety above all else, and feel able to make the right decisions without repercussions.

PPL: What are the duties of an SCA safety manager?

JL: An SCA safety manager leads the health and safety programme on site. He supports the leadership teams in understanding all risks and tasks on site, manages proper risk mitigation, offers safe machines and tasks to the workforce and supports coaching and development of the right behaviors and culture.

PPL: What is your role in regards to Health & Safety? JL: I ensure that Health & Safety is not solely the role of the site safety manager. My role is to ensure that everyone on site takes responsibility for their own safety and that of those around them, and ensure this message is clear and is repeated constantly and that everyone is aware of

4 November/December 2016

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