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Did you know? Shipping containers turn 60 this year!

In April 1956 the fi rst batch of 58 containers were loaded on board a converted World War II oil tanker. Today containers are recognised as one of the greatest inventi ons of the modern age, one that has completely changed the way business is done and an architect of globalisati on. Standardised containers have improved and

contributed to a quicker handling of cargo, with a huge impact on the world economy.

Port of Rott erdam facts in brief

* 456 million tonnes of cargo in throughput a year * 30,000 seagoing vessel visits a year * 110,000 inland vessel visits a year * 12,500 hectares port area * 40 km total length * 90,000 workers

SCA Logistics signs up for another 33 years

Pulp Paper & Logistics


timeline 1966

MS Fairland arrives at PoR – The vessel’s arrival at the port with 226 containers signals the start of shipping containers to Rott erdam.


Record: 500,000 containers in one year – For the fi rst ti me ever, ECT handles more than 500,000 containers in a single year. The fi nal container was owned by the Delta-Sealand shipping line.


Opening of the ECT Delta Terminal – Rott erdam offi cially opens the Delta Terminal. It is the start of a new era for ECT.


Record: 100,000 containers in one week – That is equivalent to a line of containers stretching from Rott erdam all the way to Berlin.


SCA Logistics has signed up with the Port of Rotterdam to continue renting the area for the terminal from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2049. The terminal was built in 1967 on the basis of a 50-year agreement, since when several agreements have been added, but this new one replaces all current agreements and also includes an expansion of the current area with another three hectares and 208 metres of quay wall. “We are one of the oldest terminal operators in the Port of Rott erdam. When we started operati ons in 1967 this area was farm land, now

November/December 2016

Roelf Buist, managing director of SCA Logistics terminal in Rotterdam. Photo: SCA Logistics

it is probably the strongest short sea hub in Europe. This extension allows further growth and increasing volumes of breakbulk and containerised goods,” says Magnus Svensson, President of SCA Logisti cs. SCA Logisti cs Terminal in Rott erdam manages about one million tonnes of goods in breakbulk handling annually, plus around 70,000 TEU containers. The terminal has 72,000 sqm of storage capacity.

Arrival of giant cranes – Five new quay cranes arrive at the ECT. Delta Terminal and are part of a larger investment programme.


50th anniversary – European Container Terminals, ECT, celebrates 50 years. Today containers have improved and contributed to a quicker handling of cargo.

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