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1. Courtesy, good manners, obedience, consideration and respect for others will be expected at all times

2. Regular and punctual attendance

3. Participation in all areas of the curriculum

4. Children are expected to wear full uniform at all times except for P.E. when a change of clothing is required

5. Dark shoes, not trainers, are part of the school uniform

6. Jewellery is banned with the exception of watches and studs or sleepers for pierced ears. Children take full responsibility for these items

7. Any nuts, or foods with traces of nuts, are not allowed in school

8. Chewing gum and sweets are not allowed in school

9. Mobile phones are not allowed in school

10. Children are not to bring toys to school. We cannot be responsible for them

11. In the playground once the bell is rung, children stand still. When the bell is rung again. the children line up

12. Children are not allowed in the school unless under supervision


Where possible, it is recommended that medicines being taken by children are administered at home. Medicines that need to be taken 3 times per day can be taken at home, morning, tea time and bed time. Medication prescribed by a GP can be administered to children while they are at school. Other non-prescribed medicines e.g. hay fever medicines / eye drops can be give only if it has the pharmacist’s label on with the child’s name and date. Parents are required to complete a ‘consent form’ when bringing any medicines into school. A record of medication administered to a child is kept by the Welfare Officer. When the children are unwell in school, the Welfare Officer looks after them, and if necessary the parents are sent for. It is important, therefore, that the school has an emergency telephone number for every child. In the case of an accident, parents will be informed and asked to take children home or on the rare occasion to the hospital. Please keep the school up to date with any medical conditions your child has.

Accidents and Emergencies

The qualified First Aid Staff in school deal with day to day minor cuts, bumps and scratches. Parents are informed if their child has a significant accident or injury. If your child is taken ill or seriously injured while at school, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please help us by making sure we have at least two up-to-date emergency telephone numbers. We may advise you to take your child to the doctor or go to a hospital casualty department. For more serious injuries we will phone for an ambulance so that the child can be treated by paramedics and a decision taken as to whether they need to be taken to hospital. If this is the case a member of staff will stay with your child until you are able to get to the school or hospital.

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