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We want all children to experience success and achieve as high a standard as possible. Thus we have a whole school approach to supporting Inclusion. Teachers aim to use a range of inclusive teaching strategies to provide effective learning opportunities for all children, not just those with Special Educational Needs, but also children with disabilities, children using English as an additional language, asylum seekers, refugees, pupils from ethnic minority groups, travellers, gifted and talented pupils etc. Our SEN Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy reflect our commitment to the principles of Inclusion. Through differentiated work and provision of additional resources and support we aim to adapt the curriculum for the child to ensure that as far as possible barriers to learning are removed. Interventions and strategies are listed in our ‘Local Offer’ available to download from our website. www.stmarysrcn15.ikorg Following the New Code of Practice that was adopted in September 2014, we aim to identify children with SEN as early as possible in order to provide effective interventions to support their learning. This may involve outside agencies who work in partnership with the school and parents. Parents with children who receive SEN Support (on the SEN register) attend and contribute to termly reviews of their child’s Individual Education Plan which sets targets for future learning. Special Needs Assistants support those pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or EHC plans (Education, Health and Care Plans) who need additional support and Teaching Assistants give targeted support to others on the Register. We believe partnership between parents and school and an inclusive curriculum, together with the expertise from support agencies, should combine to ensure that every child attains their full potential.

Safeguarding Children

Staff are trained in Child Protection procedures. We take very seriously our duty to ensure the safety of all our community. Children are encouraged to talk to an adult about any issue that worries them. Mrs Ciara Neli and Mrs. Florence Collins are the designated Child Protection Officers. You are very welcome to talk to them if there are any issues causing you concern.

Behaviour Management

We are proud of the good behaviour at St Mary’s Priory Schools. The schools have a Behaviour Policy which can be viewed on our website.

Our school rules are:

1. Be a good listener 2. Follow directions

3. Use kind words and actions

Behaviour Statement

At St. Mary’s Priory Schools we believe that good discipline stems from a positive attitude towards children’s behaviour, where they are valued and the emphasis is on rewards rather than sanctions. We aim for happy, hardworking and well-mannered schools within a caring Catholic ethos. Children are expected to be polite, show consideration towards others and exercise a degree of self-discipline. Parental support and co-operation is essential to maintain discipline and allow for the teachers’ right to teach and the children’s right to learn. The moral/behavioural code of St. Mary’s is concerned with relationships - primarily our relationship with Jesus Christ. He asks us to respect and love one another.

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