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IT hardware, software, telephones and printers are essential to the smooth running of most businesses. As such, it’s important they are always available and operating


Equipment maintenance is a fundamental part of office organisation. IT hardware and soſtware, telephones, printers and the like are essential to the smooth running of most businesses. As such, it's prety important that they are always available and operating as efficiently as possible. To do that properly you need

To that end, there are a

number of companies who will provide you with an expert cleaning service. Most of these firms understand that every office is different so will offer a range of services covering everything from phone sanitising to health and safety training. Regency Contract Cleaning

operates throughout southwest Scotland and has a number of clients in Glasgow. Owner and managing director Keith Glass explained the advantages of bringing in outside expertise: “For one thing you know you're going to receive a service 52 weeks of the year. You don't have to cover for holidays or sickness. You can get on with running your business and don't have to worry about cleaning because someone else is covering it for you. “I'd say a good cleaning

contractor is flexible and offers whatever you require. And I'd recommend looking for a reputable company that has proper insurance and can offer you references.”

SUPPLY SIDE Te study mentioned above also

showed (unsurprisingly) that 94 per cent of office workers are less productive when they don’t have all the supplies they need. As well as a tidy and clean office, it's important to have one that is well stocked. Te trick to making sure you

have everything you need at all times is to have a well set out supply store. An empty space in the store can indicate stocks are running low or have run out of something. However, if your supply store isn't labeled it will be difficult to tell what you've run out of. So, make sure you label your cupboard. Similarly, it's a good idea to

keep an office supplies master list. Tis will help you keep track of what you're ordering, how much you're using and how oſten you repurchase the items. When it comes to office

supplies there is a vast range of companies, local and national, to choose from. Larger firms offer great choice, competitive pricing and online ordering, however smaller suppliers can have the edge when it comes to personal service and flexibility.

It’s a good idea to keep an office supplies master list. This will help keep track of what you’re ordering and how much you’re using

to be aware of issues such as initial set up, and cleaning and servicing of equipment. Depending on its size and complexity new equipment may initially be installed by a technician. In some cases you may need to do some set up work aſter the technician has finished his/her tasks. If that

applies make sure you follow instructions in the user manual that comes with the equipment; if you don't do so the equipment may be damaged and you could adversely affect its warranty. When developing a

maintenance programme you need to consider issues such as replacing consumables – paper, toner and so on. Oſten, the equipment itself will let you know when that's the case. At that point it's important that you've kept the right stock levels. Run out of paper and your printer/copier is soon out of action. It's a good idea to monitor your use of consumables. Tis will help you make sure enough stock is available to cover most situations.

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