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12 . Glasgow Business April/May 2016

Research and development

Collaborative R&D project enhances Scotland’s global

sensor capabilities A groundbreaking new collaborative research and development (R&D) project will place Scotland at the forefront of the £7bn global sensors and imaging systems market, deliver significant economic growth and onshore 41 highly skilled research and manufacturing jobs from Asia. The initiative, the first of its

kind in Scotland and backed by Scottish Enterprise and CENSIS, the Scottish Innovation Centre for Sensors and Imaging Systems, will bring together companies and organisations to collaborate on the production of materials integral to manufacturing a variety of goods that use sensors, ranging from asthma inhalers to infrared

Gordon Sloan, Chair, GHA and Frank McAveety with City Building apprentices Partnership

A Molecular Beam Epitaxy semiconductor growing system

cameras. Four companies and the Research Division of Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering at The University of Glasgow, will combine their expertise in different aspects of manufacturing next generation sensing technologies to produce a wide range of products for different end markets.

2000 jobs and apprenticeships secured in a new £2.7bn deal

A £2.7bn partnership between Scotland’s largest council and the country’s biggest social landlord will secure jobs for the next 30 years. The joint venture between

Glasgow City Council and Wheatley Group, parent company of Glasgow Housing Association, means Wheatley Group would take a 50 per cent shareholding in City Building Glasgow, becoming a partner and joint owner. It will secure 2000 jobs and

more than 2000 apprenticeships, as well as sustaining employment for disabled workers at City Building,

New initiative

Clyde Gateway initiatives continue to support the environment

A number of primary schools, volunteers, local businesses and the elderly within the Clyde Gateway area have all been doing their bit recently to help beat climate change and make a positive impact on the environment. They have all been taking part

in the R:evolve Recycle project. The intergenerational initiative, based in Rutherglen, aims to encourage the community to think differently about unwanted and worn-out clothes by learning from the experience of older adults in the community, helping to build on the skills of local children and families

the Council’s successful arm’s-length construction company that has returned £50m to the council to date and undertaken 1000 craft apprenticeships. The structure of the joint

venture means that City Building will carry out all Glasgow Housing Association repair work. In addition, other work would be carried out by City Building’s manufacturing division Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries (RSBi), which is committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities.

The R:evolve Clothing Swap Shop boutique in Rutherglen

and revive the culture of make-do and mend. The project, run by Lightburn Elderly Association Project (LEAP) also promotes reuse and recycling of clothing and textiles with the goal of reducing waste to landfill, reducing costs of clothing to participants and reducing CO2 emissions through their various activities. Activity to date has seen 896 people doing over 3000 swaps and collecting five tonnes of clothing and four local primary schools taking part in uniform recycling activities, re-use workshops and community swap events.

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