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36 . Glasgow Business April/May 2016

“Services such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive are fantastic at offering a storage facility which doesn’t require any office space”


It can be difficult to get rid of certain emails or downloads on your phone or tablet devices.

And needless to say it will be the email that you delete that you end up needing. Tere are a number of online storage spaces that will allow you to save this content without eating up the limited data you have on your smartphone. Services such as iCloud, Dropbox and

Google Drive are fantastic at offering a storage facility which doesn't require any office space. It allows you to see your files without eating up your storage levels.


Tere is a growing culture surrounding coffee shop meetings and interviews. Te relaxed

atmosphere is perfect for business chats and

the availability of wifi means you can never be too far from those ever important email communications. Tese meetings can also have a knock-on

effect for the local cafes and restaurants, with a stronger day-time trade. It can also minimise the amout of office space small businesses need.

VIDEO CONFERENCING Cut back on the costs and time wastage of travelling to and from meetings by introducing

video meetings. One of the chief providers is Skype. Voice

and video calls are free between devices with the Skype soſtware installed, though calls to landlines will incur a small charge. Skype is an ideal way of keeping in

touch with the office but remember that the service requires a data connection so hidden costs may be included depending on your tariff.


When you do need to travel to meetings it can be time- consuming, so why not sit back

and catch up on your favourite programmes. Te BBC offers the iPlayer to download all TV and radio programmes and watch them on the go. Other TV networks run their own devices, including STV and Channel 4.

Get information at the touch of a button and always be in

the know... In a bid to increase users Twitter has just released a new service in the UK. Twitter Moments helps people follow

breaking news. Curated by a team of British- based journalists, the new service aims to offer quick and reliable information. Many Twitter users had previously

felt that it was difficult to keep up with thousands of accounts, now Moments does all the work for you. From this year other businesses are able

to get involved with 'Promoted Moments', giving Twitter a chance to monetise the service by offering firms paid-for coverage. Moments carries the lightning flash logo and is easily accessible to all users on smartphones. Find out how it all works by visiting welcome-to-twitter-moments-uk for a handy how-to guide.



Foundation Apprenticeships have been created to give young people real-world workplace experiences and access to work based learning while they are at school. Usually starting in S5, pupils will work towards professional qualifications at the same level or higher (SCQF Level 6). They will spend time out of school at a Glasgow regional college and with a local employer. For young people it’s a great opportunity to get a head start on their careers and broaden their options when they leave school. For employers, it gives great scope to attract highly motivated and committed employees who will be developed to meet the needs of your business. By August 2016, Foundation Apprenticeships will be available

in every part of Scotland, and our ambition is to have them be part of every school’s offer by 2020. Foundation Apprenticeships

are currently available across a range of industry sectors. They include Financial Services, Social Services – Children and Young People, Social Services – Health Care, IT Hardware and IT Software with more sectors to be added in the future.

FIND OUT MORE Please contact us at In Association with Skills Development Scotland, European Social Fund, Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow Kelvin College and City of Glasgow College.

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