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Issue 5 2015 - Freight Business Journal

///FREIGHT BREAK Vinyl goes viral

What goes around, comes around. No sooner had the vinyl record been consigned to the dustbin – or at any rate the spare room – of history, than a new generation of music lovers have discovered the allure of the hiss and crackle of ‘real’ records as an antidote to the too-perfect, crystal-clear blandness of CDs and MP3s. So much so that April saw the

launch of the UK’s first weekly vinyl chart by the Official Charts Company, and sales of vinyl albums and singles are soaring. All this is music to the ears

of Woodland Entertainment, a specialist division of Essex-based

CDs - then MP3s and streaming - would render vinyl obsolete, sales reached an 18-year high last year at 1.29 million. A few years ago, for every thousand CDs a music label might release, they would ship 100 vinyl records. Now, it is typically 300. “The young generation has

specialist publishing forwarder Woodland Group – records are being shipped in numbers that haven’t been seen since the heady days of the Fab Four or the Wigan Casino. Director of Woodland

Entertainment, Maurizio Piroddi, says: “Despite predictions that

Feline fine

Good news at last from Radio Africa

Developing world logistics specialist Agility is holding a global photo competition to highlight the success of emerging Africa. The competition seeks to highlight the oſten

unreported side of the continent and calls for photographers

to capture an Africa booming

with tech-savvy, youthful consumers, fast-paced urbanization, and enormous long-term economic prospects. CEO of Agility Africa, Geoffrey White, says: “Much

of the world’s perception is outdated - seven out of ten of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa. Too frequently, the world reports only the bad news from the Continent, when there is so much that is impressive that Africa can be proud of. We hope this photo competition will demonstrate some of the positives revealing the real progress

and development that Africa is making.” The competition, open to amateur and

professional photographers, will take place from June 1 – September 1. Agility will award a $2,000 cash prize to the winner of each category, as well as a $4,000 grand cash prize to the photographer who shoots the overall winning image that best captures the development and growth across Africa. The winning photographs will be shown on a CNBC Africa telecast and published in Forbes Africa.

The Port of London Authority has been turning old mooring ropes into giant cat toys. Wildlife Heritage Foundation has been collecting pallets of rope and lifting strops last month and they are now being used at the Kent-based sanctuary’s ‘Enrichment’ enclosure as scratch posts, to keep lions’ and leopards’ claws sharp and their minds stimulated. Well, you wouldn’t want cats of that size doing it on the furniture, would you?

Transformational Transaid

Thirty professionals from the transport and logistics industry have been battling stifling heat and rugged terrain - and we’re not talking about the unseasonably hot weather in the British Lake District or Snowdonia. The cyclists pedalled an impressive 400km

FBJ flag flies high at Glasto

Once again FBJ spent a wonderful weekend at the Glastonbury Festival. With just one rainy day we were lucky with the weather. It was great to meet a few FBJ readers

and competitors. Thanks for the messages from those noticing the flag on the TV.

across Tanzania over five days to raise £133,000 for international development charity, Transaid – the largest sum ever raised for the organisation in a single challenge or event. Participant Alan West, whose day job is

efficiency manager at DHL Supply Chain said: “It was rewarding to see first-hand how Transaid can support the transport infrastructure and safety in Africa. Although difficult, Cycle Tanzania was ultimately the most rewarding experience of my life and it allowed me to get involved in something so life changing.”

Fellow rider Transaid event manager, Florence

Bearman, said: “I am incredibly proud of the group for exceeding our fundraising goal, their own individual targets and for completing such a challenging ride. Our next Africa challenge is Cycle South Africa in early 2017 and I’m looking forward to raising the bar even higher.”

discovered vinyl for the first time, just as they have embraced a taste for vintage clothes, retro furniture and artisan, old-fashioned



Woodland Entertainment we use the most modern of freight equipment to safely and quickly handle this most old-fashioned of music technology.”

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