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Issue 5 2015 - Freight Business Journal CYMAN

CYMAN is the ideal scalable solution for managing all aspects of a modern container yard or intermodal terminal, including M&R and in and out gate CODECO messaging. The design of CYMAN makes it suitable in all scenarios, from

Exis Technologies, headquartered in Darlington, UK, has been a leading supplier of compliance systems for the management of dangerous goods (DG) in sea transport for over 25 years. Hazcheck Systems are a range of solutions for every link in

the sea transport chain from shippers, logistics companies, freight forwarders and ports through to ferry operators and deep sea container lines. The systems are used by 80% of the top container lines and RORO ferry operators. The systems are based on the IMDG Code and help customers

to ship their dangerous substances quickly and efficiently, automatically checking stowage, segregation and packaging requirements (without the need for the IMDG Code books). They are updated and maintained in line with the IMDG Code Amendments and Errata. The systems range from a web-based subscription service for shippers and logistics companies (automatic checks and production of dangerous goods notes), to a powerful booking and management system for deep sea container lines. Exis also supplies sophisticated validation ‘Toolkits’ to integrate with existing computer-based systems (for example, SAP and Oracle EBS). Additional transport regulations (ADR, RID, 49 CFR and TDG) when shipping under IMDG Code rules are available. Exis also designs and sells e-learning courses. IMDG Code

e-learning Amendment 37-14 is an online training solution, developed in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization, for all shore based staff involved in the handling and transport of DG by sea. A range of courses is available from multimodal general awareness, to job-related function specific courses, advanced and refresher training.


Code e-learning is sponsored by the TT Club and supported by ICHCA. 12 of the top 20 container lines have used the courses to train thousands of students worldwide. www.imdge-learning. com

CTUpack e-learning is a container packing course for those involved in loading and unloading CTUs.

It is aligned

with the revised IMO/ILO/UNECE Guidelines for the Packing of Cargo Transport Units.

All training courses include

full administrator management and a course completion certificate. The course is currently being adapted to include a module explaining the new regulations related to container weighing which come into force in 2016. Exis supplies free tools, including Hazcheck DGL Lite, a

mobile app for those that need quick and easy access to the IMDG Code information contained in the Dangerous Goods List.

devices. hazcheck-dgl-lite-mobile-app.aspx Exis Technologies works closely with industry partners to

increase global awareness of regulatory changes and issues, and develops innovative solutions to make dangerous goods transport safer. Early in 2015, Exis launched Hazcheck Portal with several

major container line customers to help shippers with a view of shipping line and port DG prohibitions and restrictions. For more information please visit

Tel: +44 (0) 1325 466672 Email: Web:

It is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Fargo Systems Ltd is a leading specialised software provider to the transport and haulage industry, providing; transport, fleet, telematics and logistics solutions to customers in sixteen countries. Offering both off the shelf and tailored products, FSL

deliver effective business solutions by understanding and analysing its customer’s operations in order to help customers seeking to improve efficiency and optimise their supply chain through improved management processes and transportation movements. FSL boast an impressive 70% market share of the UK container haulage sector.

Our industry-specific range of

ground-breaking technology is used by shipping lines, freight forwarders, rail operators, road hauliers and many more businesses.

Product range includes:

TOPS The UK’s de-facto standard container transport management system, TOPS (Transport Operations and Processing System) goes far beyond intermodal, managing general haulage, distribution, bulk, tankers, auto logistics and more. With sophisticated resource planning and efficiency-gaining tools, it additionally caters for web-based global real-time tracking visibility and automated status messaging. The

award-nominated management system has been

designed to cater for diverse haulage activities and for both full and part loads. The software incorporates the usual features of a fully scalable solution including multi-currency, multi-depot, multi-modal and multi-company.

TOPS…on the go As an extension to the TOPS transport management system, OTG is a fully integrated mobile telematics solution for smartphones and tablets. OTG provides seamless integration between the transport operator and the driver, increasing efficiency and productivity by providing full visibility. Based on the driver’s input and GPS tracking events OTG

provides the automatic transmission of updates back to the transport management system which include; real-time truck location, waypoint arrival and departure times, job statuses and electronic proof-of-deliveries. OTG can further benefit fleet administration, by providing

solutions for; defect reporting, driver timesheets, night out requests and expense information.

TOPS…Traffic on the go A smartphone and tablet tool for operators to be able to access the traffic sheet anytime and anywhere.

TOBS.WEB TOPS.WEB is an online portal designed to provide a wealth of benefits and visibility across the supply chain. Powered from TOPS, OTG and other telematics solutions; Customers and consignees can view their bookings and track live status information. Subcontractors can view allocated jobs, print delivery

documentation and use the platform to update actual times and upload PODs.

Depots, warehouses and distribution

centres are able to login and view planned deliveries, tracking live statuses. Global customer service teams or intermodal users can

easily view job information, job updates and even service capacity levels before taking new bookings. TOPS.WEB includes a Dashboard Reporting module to easily view business KPIs from any internet enabled device.

Forward Computers is the UK’s leading independent national supplier of software and e-commerce solutions to the freight and logistics industry. Its flagship product, ForwardOffice, is a comprehensive

and fully integrated freight management system, capable of handling every aspect of the freight forwarding and transportation industries, from initial sales lead, through operations, to job costing and management reporting. With a host of advanced features, including Workflow and Event management, ForwardOffice includes all of the tools required to support the demanding requirements of this industry sector. With a particular strength in the e-Commerce arena,

ForwardOffice provides for data exchange between customers, partners, carriers and customs alike. It also offers highly cost-effective Web-based facilities, including on-line quotations, consignment booking, consignment tracking and supply-chain management. The product is highly scalable and comprises an extremely

flexible set of software modules, enabling it to be easily configured to meet the specific needs of different companies - allowing our customers to drive the package in a way that most suits their requirements. Our SME solution comprises a base suite of software

modules that provide all of the core functionality required by the small-to-medium sized freight company to streamline its operations, manage business processes and maintain a firm control over its finances. Our Enterprise solution offers an alternative licencing model for the larger national operator, or for the multinational corporation requiring a global solution. This automatically entitles the customer to across-the-board usage of the entire suite of ForwardOffice software modules. The software runs under various operating systems,

including Microsoft Windows and Linux. It also offers a choice of database engines, including Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Our customers thus have the freedom to choose the platform that best suits their requirements and network infrastructure. FCL’s commitment to its customers doesn’t end with the

sale of ForwardOffice, this is just the beginning of an ongoing partnership. Over the years we have developed a range of services to ensure that all customers have the back-up they need to implement, maintain and develop their system to optimum effect. Our highly experienced Professional Services team,

recruited from senior positions within the freight industry, is there to help customers reap maximum benefit from ForwardOffice. With a variety of operational backgrounds

smaller companies operating a single container haulage yard with a single area, to larger organisations needing to manage multiple container yards or terminals with designated areas, rail heads and specific container locations.

Tel: +44 (0) 845 834 0345 Email: Web:


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