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Issue 5 2015 - Freight Business Journal

that cover all modes of transport, between them they have an impressive combined total of over 110 years’ experience within the freight industry, at least 50 years of which includes a direct involvement with the ForwardOffice product. With an all-pervasive system such as ForwardOffice,

customers must be able to rely on a responsive support desk. Through our dedicated Support team in Nottingham, our customers know that they are only a phone call away from someone who will have a full understanding of any queries or requirements. ForwardOffice is going places - we listen to our customers

and have an aggressive approach to product development, constantly adding new features and delivering new functionality, to the benefit of all. To learn more about how ForwardOffice has helped our customers – and how it can help you - please visit our website.

Tel: +44 (0) 115 938 0280 Email: Web:

Honey Court

Honeycourt works with SAP soſtware to provide fully integrated solutions for Import and Export processing. In particular, Honeycourt specialises in SAP Global Trade Services

(GTS) soſtware, creating and processing Customs and NCTS Transit Declarations from relevant MM and SD logistics transactions in the ERP system. If your company runs SAP and wants to make more use of Foreign Trade functionality, then please feel free to contact us.

Tel: +44 (0) 787 501 6138 Email: Web:

i2i Infinity Ltd EXPORT / IMPORT Solutions

Professional Soſtware i2i has nearly 30 years’ experience with trade documentation, online or installed on your servers. In association with the BCC we also produced the first Certificates of Origin Online platform, our e-z Cert soſtware in association with your local chamber of commerce for same day online C of O’s, EUR1’s, A.TR’s & ATA Carnet. Electronic customs clearance and management within our e-z GTA

or e-z Consign soſtware, our products interface with UK customs for EMCS, CFSP, NES, ICS, in additional to an extensive document suite for international trade. We offer solutions from Pay-As-You-Go to full enterprise systems.

Tel: +44 (0) 1749 345007 Email: Web:



Your customers rely on you to make sure their goods are delivered on time, all of the time. Whether that’s shipping individual parcels to consumers, executing contract logistics for a retail network or ensuring that goods, components or raw materials arrive via road, rail, air or sea. The key is getting goods where they need to be and aligned with manufacturing, production or distribution schedules. Maintaining margins and service levels in a volatile market is a difficult balancing act when factors outside of your control create logistics issues you need to overcome every day. To succeed, you need a collaborative logistics network that

connects you with your customers and trading partners and gives you visibility of goods throughout the supply chain – from the point of order right through to invoice. You also need the flexibility to offer new routes or services quickly to meet market or customer demand, while knowing robust processes and seamless, scalable technology are in place to handle complex challenges such as customs and trade compliance. The Kewill MOVE® supply chain execution platform is multimodal

transportation soſtware that enables you to benefit from transportation, logistics and trade compliance domain expertise and capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. Kewill MOVE can be deployed on the cloud or on premise and is designed to handle the demands of global trade. It features multi-lingual, multi- currency and multi-time zone capabilities out-of-the-box.

Key Capabilities: • Kewill Control Tower •

Langdon Systems is a Customs soſtware solution provider with over 30 years experience of the design, development and implementation of duty management solutions to some of Europe’s largest corporations and 3PLs. We embrace the latest technology and utilise web services

to create a fully streamlined, comprehensive yet user friendly solution that gives you control and helps you achieve compliance with Customs legislation. Langdon’s experience in integrating with Warehouse

Management Systems is second to none in our field. Our fully integrated CFSP, Excise, EMCS and NCTS solution is scalable to any volume and capable of handling multi-contracts across multiple sites. We’re fully aware of the critical importance of segregating different clients’ data when dealing with multiple contracts. With this in mind, our system allows each contract to be managed separately with full security. The cornerstone of our Customs technology is our bonded

warehouse. This has grown to be far more than just an interface to Customs. As standard we now offer rich functionality, helping you control what can be a complex process. From automated daily reconciliations to emailed exception

reports and fully detailed liability reports of your stock, we offer a full range of time and labour saving processes. As online trade increases and transaction volumes get bigger our system gives you the ability to handle massive volumes while remaining in control of your head count. We understand you need your operations to be automated

collaborative Portal covering eBooking, Track & Trace, eDoc Management, Workflow and PO Management

can be used across Kewill and non-Kewill solutions to provide a single view of operational and business data to your customers

Configurable Workflow module, including SOP and COP capabilities, supported by our Automated Activity Manager

• Global shipment execution including Hub & Gateway processing and Dynamic Routing

• User-Defined Dashboards, Reporting Suite and Query Tool •

• •

Comprehensive Integration Platform, including standard integration with Carrier Community Portals, Customs and Compliance

UI Composition Studio – enabling flexible screen configuration Full Job Costing, Profit Sharing and Shipment Profitability

• Quotations, Tariffs & Rating engine Contact

About Kewill Kewill is a global leader in multimodal transportation management soſtware, providing organizations with a comprehensive end-to-end platform for managing the complexities of transportation, logistics and trade compliance. The Kewill MOVE® platform helps companies reduce costs, manage volatility and gain greater visibility across the logistics value chain. Trade, transport, store, comply, manage and integrate – the Kewill transportation management platform gives you the insight, agility and tools you need to deliver better customer service and streamline global supply chain execution for strategic advantage on the cloud and on premise. The Kewill platform supports supply chain execution activities

for in excess of 7,500 companies in more than 100 countries. To learn more about the company, visit, follow us on Twitter @Kewill_Ltd or check our LinkedIn page for company updates.

Tel: +49 (0) 6172 9268 337 Email: Web:

wherever possible and that this must be underpinned by a detailed integration with your commercial system. Our refined solutions facilitate this easily, with minimal impact on your current procedures. Your solution is built based on a deep understanding of our

industries and a relationship initiated with you at the start of the project. The flexibility of our product allows us to add in the elements

you need and take away anything you don’t. Aſter all, this is your solution so it meets your specific requirements, not necessarily the needs of the user community at large. We take great pride in the level of support we offer and our

help desk is manned by dedicated professionals to ensure trouble free operation of your system. As part of our support and maintenance agreement, we’ll establish an authenticated encrypted connection with you, which enables our support team to access your system and swiſtly resolve any issues as they occur. Our main focus is, and always has been, purely Customs.

Langdon’s existence as an independent company allows it to remain so. Our knowledge and expertise of Customs legislation and procedures is unrivalled in our industry. But we never rest on our laurels. We’re constantly on the lookout for new developments that will help us to provide you with the most up- to-date Customs information and market leading products. Contact us for a free demonstration of our system. To find out more about Langdon Systems, visit our website or follow us on our social media outlets, LinkedIn and Google+.

Tel: +44 (0) 1942 202 202 Email: Web:

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