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ABM Data Systems is transforming customs declaration management through the delivery and support of a single pan European customs brokerage system. CustomsWare is a scalable soſtware platform for managing customs declarations in European and other countries. Businesses of any size can now benefit from a single, consistent way

to create, clear and manage customs declarations for a wide variety of customs systems and regimes in use, particularly across Europe.

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AEB is a leading provider of supply chain logistics software, consultancy, and services and has been delivering solutions to customers for over thirty five years. The company has over 5,000 customers worldwide, supported by offices

Issue 5 2015 - Freight Business Journal


in the UK, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, and the US. AEB’s core product - ASSIST4 - is the comprehensive solution suite for all logistics processes in global business. ASSIST4 offers a complete set of business services for end-to-end logistics, including international goods movements, making it possible to standardise and automate business processes in supply chain execution. ASSIST4 also creates transparency and provides a reliable basis for making the right decisions about the planning, monitoring, control, and continual optimisation of supply networks - even beyond the boundaries of the business. The ASSIST4 suite offers the following modular solution areas: • Visibility & Collaboration Platform •

Order Management

• Warehouse Management • •

Transport & Freight Management Customs Management

• Compliance & Risk Management.

Logistics execution Transports require preparation – and follow-up: ASSIST4

Transport & Freight Management streamlines operational processes, frees up manpower, minimises freight costs and maximises cash flows: Sales orders are consolidated and the most affordable carrier is selected, for both procurement and distribution. Automatic prompts guide through all requirements for documentation, packaging and electronic messaging. Effective control of your transport costs and options is provided at all times through advance freight cost calculations and automated billing processes, using self-billing and e-billing strategies. The solution’s benefits are further maximised when combined with ASSIST4 Warehouse Management, which supports all the processes in your warehouse, storage facility, or distribution centre, and helps you streamline your workflows. Whether it’s stock putaway, stock transfer, stock removal, picking, or packing: all processes can be designed for maximum reliability and minimum errors. The result is shorter lead times, reduced safety stock, and better on-time delivery performance. Global trade processes Integrating global trade procedures as “normal” process

steps into your overall supply chain and logistics strategy will further streamline global operations and save costs, thereby gaining you a competitive advantage. With ASSIST4 Customs Management and ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management, regulatory compliance is no longer a burden, but an opportunity: Seamless integration of global trade procedures into your logistics processes including export, import, NCTS, bonded warehouses, inward and outward processing, automated classification, restricted-party address screening, checks against critical goods and critical end-use, licence management and more. This accelerates your flow of goods, saves customs duties, secures supply chains, and eliminates operational errors. Supply chain visibility For efficient flow of goods in your supply chain, electronic

data exchanges must run smoothly. The ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform ensures end-to-end transparency and partner integration, and helps synchronise events along the supply chain with extra features to enhance collaboration. It‘s the nerve centre of supply chain networks: planning data, event information, inventory overviews, delivery schedules, discrepancy alerts and performance analyses all come together here. Network transparency is the foundation for efficient supply chain collaboration and performance – in both control and execution.

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