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MYSTICAL MENTORS Sangreal - Sacred Language & Cosmic Alchemy By Randall Carlson

Throughout this series of articles I have been building a case for the idea that celestial events have played a pro- found and critical role in the history of human as well as planetary affairs. I have invoked the remarkable stories of the Grail Quest as an example whereby cosmic sym- bolism has been embedded and preserved for posterity. I concluded last month with a exposition of the etymology of the term ‘Grail’ and called attention to the coincidence that the original term traced its origins back to the same term in Latin, and ultimately in ancient Greek, that we now apply to the great basins excavated into the earth by impacting objects from space, that is, ‘crater.’

Of course to the student of the Mysteries this etymo- logical connection is more than mere coincidence, in that it points to the substratum of meaning concealed within the mundane language of normal social and aca- demic discourse. Word origins and derivations provide a glimpse into the methodology of the Sacred Language for encoding unobvious and alternate dimensions of meaning into the language of everyday use. It has been called the Language of the Birds, the Language of Diplomats, the Angelic language, the Green lan- guage, or langue verte. It is sometimes referred to by the more generic terms argot, or cant. Argot is defined as “an often more or less secret vocabulary and idiom peculiar to a particular group.” In addition to etymo-

logical procedures the secret language involves the use of homonyms, homophones, synonyms, puns, numerical associations and so on that provide sources of alternate meanings that can be substituted into a sentence or phrase, whether spoken or written to reveal an overlooked significance. Variants on this system were employed by Initiates, Alchemists, Occultists, Troubadours, Mystical and Masonic Orders among oth- ers, and has even been adapted to the use of thieves, outcasts, smugglers and revolutionaries, or other groups wishing to communicate among themselves without the awareness or understanding of outsiders.

Use of the language has parallels to basic mathemati- cal operations in which it is accepted that something equal or equivalent to any term in an equation can be substituted without altering the value of the equation. However, in the Mystical Language the substitution does indeed alter the meaning of the equation, or at least reveals additional layers of meaning beyond what is superficially apparent. It is these secondary and tertiary meanings that contain and convey the technical lan- guage of the Great Work.

One of the most potent practices is to simply take the work apart and analyze its constituent meanings, interpreted in the original sense that has become lost cniud pg

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