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FEATURES I Can See Clearly Now Interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer

In January I had the pleasure of joining several other publishers in an interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer con- cerning his latest book and biography I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW.

I’ll mention the journalist from each magazine with his/her question.

Randi Peyser, Aaees Mgzn wrns aaie Monterey, California

- you say that the ascended masters come to us with guidance and health, not because of our prayers for their intervention or our prominence. They come to use when they can recognize themselves in us. And I’m wondering, can you please explain this concept? And I also wonder, does prayer still matter?

Wayne Dyer: That’s basically the words of Lao Tzu from the Tao Te Ching. The door will always stay closed until they recognize themselves and you. To give an example of that, years ago I was in CC, the home of St. Francis; and I had taken a group of people there, and I had a very serious knee injury. It was bone on bone, They did an x-ray and an MRI on it and they said you know, “Ultimately you’re going to have to have that knee replaced.” And so I was wearing a brace most of the time....but this particular day I didn’t have the brace on, I didn’t think that I would need it. We were walking up the stairs in this castle on San Damiano on our way up to see the home of where St. Claire lived. So there was a young man, his name was John Graygel and he was wearing these heavy braces on his legs. We were walk- ing up this winding staircase and he couldn’t negotiate the stairs any longer because as they get narrower he couldn’t lift his legs out to the side. He said, “What am I going to do? I can’t walk down backwards and I can’t go up any further.” So I just sort of forgot about myself and I reached down and I just said to him, “Just put your arms around my neck and I’ll carry you up the rest of the way.” Now the moment I did that......within about 7 or 8 seconds I realized that I didn’t have my brace on, that my knee was going to collapse, that he was on top of me, that there was a whole line of people below, that there was going to be a very serious accident here. And I had a vision at that moment of St. Francis, the strang- est thing; all I saw was this little man in this brown robe, he just held his hands out to me. All of a sudden I stood upright, my knee...instead of going into col- lapse seemed to get stronger and I started walking up the stairs, then I started moving faster, then I started jogging up the stairs and I literally was running up the stairs with this man who weighed over 200lbs with his heavy braces. And I got to the top, my wife was waiting at the top and she said, “What is going on, everybody else is out of breath?” And I said, “I don’t know I just had an absolute miracle just took place.

Linda Sechrist from Na rl Aaeigs Mgzn 16 tua wknn’ aaie - By A Select Group of Magazine Publishers

you talk about how we need to forget ourselves that the ascendant masters come to us or they see themselves in us. And you had to write a book that was totally about yourself and your life. So how did you feel about that?

Wayne Dyer: Honestly I was in a zone. On the 27th of June my whole family started arriving here on Maui, all my kids. You know they were going to be here for weeks and weeks and weeks and......I actually had to rent another place. I could not stop writing, I would wake up in the morning and they kept saying, “Come on dad we’re going to go over here.” I said, “I just can’t.”

It’s really just a me what I remember as the significant turning points in my life throughout my life. The things that impacted me and I think that that’s hap- pening for a lot of us, and that was as I was writing.

Carl Jung had this wonderful line he said, “At the same moment that you’re a protagonist in your own life and you’re making choices, at the very same moment you’re also the spirit carrier or the extra in a much larger drama.”

So whatever body you’ve got you’re sort of doomed with that. But you’re also’ve made choices about it. How long it’s going to live? How well it’s going to live? What you’re going to feed it? How you’re going to exercise it? All these things, these are all choices that you’re making within a context of everything already handled. Now if you extend that to the non-physical domain and begin to look at yourself and you say you know what, the whole time of my life is laid out and exactly what I’m supposed to be, and how I’m sup- posed to do...and all of that is just laid out and within that context, now I have choices to make. And I can make choices about, you know, whether I’m going to be fearless, or whether I might have come here as the world’s greatest artist, but I still have the choice. Do I pick up the brush and do the painting? Do I actually use the discipline? Do I persevere with it? Am I willing to do whatever is necessary in order to fulfill this inner call- ing that I just absolutely identify with and feel, or do I just say no I can’t do that, I can’t afford that, or no, I’m a woman and women can’t get those things done, or no, I’m black, or no, I’m culturally deprived, or no, my mother didn’t like me as much as my sister or I’m the youngest child, or on and on and on we can go, or we can just listen to that calling and just let it guide us. And it seems to me, as I look back on my life, that that thing that’s called eternal time, which is where everything is already handled at once. I always say the moment you are conceived your wisdom teeth are handled there for you. They’re not going to show up for maybe twenty more years or so, and you’re not going to pull those out of the past, they’re already here. You’re actually pull- ing those things physically out of the future. When we

Oracle 20/20 March 2014

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