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and if I don’t do this and this won’t happen and some- body isn’t going to like me or I am going to fail at that and I am afraid of this.....and it is like endless amounts of fear....fearful ways of processing the world that we live in I think combined cumulatively to create disease within ourselves. When we eliminate that, that seems to be what those entities through the John of God experi- ence [imbued].

I did a 2 hour show with Oprah on this on Super Soul Sunday, and right after I did it she flew down to Abadiânia and met him herself because she just couldn’t believe what I was talking about and the impact that this simple peasant man down in Brazil has had on the healing of so many people. Then I had it again just before I did the PBS show. I had this horrible neck pain that was really just immobilizing me in a very, very big way. This time what they did was they didn’t send the entities to enter my body and remove the fear like they did the previ- ous time. What they did is that they sent my wife into the room before the taping of the show that very night, which was the 7th day after the surgery, which is when the sutures are removed 7 days after the surgery. I got a phone call from my secretary who was continuously bothering me about somebody saying that they had an answer for this pain that I was going through in my neck that was so bad that I actually had to be pulled off stage in Melbourne, Australia. Before I went there, my chil- dren actually called the ambulance to come and have me taken to the hospital to give me a shot of morphine or something to get me out of the pain. It was just so excruciating and I was living with that pain. I had injec- tions put into my neck and I had steroids and examined by ever kind of [doctor]. Nothing seemed to be working. It just seemed to be getting worse, and that day my sec- retary said, “You have got to call this woman. Her name is Caroline Jones. She just keeps calling and calling. Would you please just call?” I said finally, “I told you, I don’t want anybody else touching me or manipulating me or telling me that they have got the healing for me for this neck thing.” She said, “Well, please, this woman will not let up. Just call her.” I said, “All right,” I got the phone number and I called it, and it was Pete Egoscue who has clinics all over the country, and he answered on his cell phone. It turns out that his wife had been hugely impacted. She had three kinds of cancer her- self.....breast, brain, and lung cancer. She had watched a PBS show I had done oh maybe ten years and read a book I wrote many years ago called “You’ll See It When You Believe It” and her life has been turned around and she was really on the road to healing as a result of that work. And he just felt that if there was anything that he could do to repay me.......I happened to be in California. He thought I was in Maui at the time. He said, “Where are you?” I told him where I was and what hotel I was at in California, and he said, “I’m ten miles from there. I will be in your hotel room within a half an hour.” He came into my hotel room and … He just looked at me and he said “You don’t have a neck problem, you have a hip problem. Your body is completely out of alignment and we have to get the body realigned.” I have been on a healing road ever since. It is slowly but surely realign- ing my body, and I believe the entities sent my wife to

Oracle 20/20 March 2014

me that day to give me the strength to get through that show when I was back on the ground again in pain. That very night on the 7th day when the suture removal was scheduled, that is when Pete called and that is when my whole life changed. So, it works in mysterious ways. What stands out for me the most about my Jon of God experience is that what it says in the course of the miracles that everything is either fear or love and all that is fear cannot be love and all that is love cannot be fear. Once you understand that and start to remove the fear, and that is what Anita discovered in her near-death experience as well is that we have got to get this fear out of ourselves, and the way to get fear out is to start being in harmony and start being aligned.

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