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MYSTICAL MENTORS We Are All Interconnected! By Lee Sumpter

We often read that we create our reality with the coop- eration of others. There is not much discussion of the dynamics of how this comes about. First, we have to realize that our soul has the power to create whatever is needed out of the energy on the Earth. It must do this within certain restrictions so that the life that it creates is appropriate for the times in which it manifests itself. For instance, it is not likely that we would keep a horse and buggy parked at the curb to take us to the grocery store.

When we plan out our life for a certain time and place, there are guides who supervise what events in our life will fit in with the overall themes of the time in which we are going to live. There are themes for each individual life and for the society in which that life will occur. We plan our lives together and in conjunction with all of those who share their lives with us both living and unborn. It is important to remember than when we are planning a new life, it must blend into an already ongoing world. We can not just abruptly start a life in the middle of things that would not be supported by developments leading up to and after our birth. If we planned to use cell phones to talk to all of our friends, then the cell phone had to be on its way to be invented and our future friends would need to each have one. They too would have had to plan on talking to each other on cell phones.

It is apparent that we do indeed create our life for we expect that at its end we will be called to account for it. Most religions have the idea that we will be judged for our conduct in our life, and many near death experience reports tell of people watching a review of their life on a sort of screen with counselors offering comments along the way. It would make no sense for something else to create our life and then hold us accountable for it.

Since our lives are a cooperative effort among all of those who are in it in some way or another right down to passersby, we must communicate with them in some way so that everything that happens meets everyone’s plan. Therefore, there must be a vast amount of com- munication that goes on behind the scenes of which we have little or no awareness. For our geographical settings we must refer to important guides who are in charge of what the Earth topography currently looks like. For our neighborhoods and cities we must consult with our neighbors and fellow citizens. For the interior of our homes and our family interactions we, of course, confer with our relatives. It is like a vast network, like a divine computer network behind the appearance of everything that happens in our life.

think of the “Let’s pretend” games we used to play as children before modern technology. All of the children participating would agree on what the basic actions

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would be and then the play would begin. In any case, everything that happens before our senses is a mani- festation of some kind of immense network of commu- nication in the spiritual world behind it all.

The real moral upstart of it all is that our enemies are not really our enemies; they are just playing that role for us. Your mother-in-law is not really your mother-in- law; in your last life, maybe she was your sister or your brother. This knowledge should give us a deep wisdom about what we are doing and why. Maybe it will put things more in perspective. Maybe it will remind us of who we really are - powerful energy centers that can make choices and create a whole lifetime. We are really inhabitants of a world or a universe that is far beyond the limitations of material reality.

Really our opportunity to create a lifetime is a chance to exercise our spiritual powers. We, however, easily get bogged down in the material forms that we create. We are led to believe that the material is all there is to it and we have no or very limited spiritual powers. We can change our beliefs. We can change our beliefs so that we can see the overall cosmic plan of it all instead of the minute details of time and place forced upon us by the physics of material creation. Whether we like it or not we are ultimately responsible for the life that we are living through right now. We have choices and there are plenty of places to get good advice about our choices. Some of these places are in the behind-the- scenes world of spirit and energy.

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