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Back in May of 2002, I was inspired to write my publish- er’ I’

First Impressions s commentary entitled “Orwell’

s 1984 or is It 2004?”

behind it is more true today than it was then. This is a fictitious piece, but believe me it’ to be ignored.

m going to re-run this article because the theme s too close to possible

I ran it as a 3 month series and it was believed by some of our readers to be true, even though I stated that it was just to bring home a point. People stopped me in the store and would say things like “I was so worried about you. When did you get out?” CNN even called our then editor

, Dan Liss to ask if they could interview me for

a story about the violation of my civil rights. Continued from February 2014

My attorney sits across from me in the visitor’s room. It’s just like the ones in the movies. His advice is kindly, maybe even fatherly. He is just as brainwashed by the powers that be as the rest of the legal system. His voice, sort of muffled through the speaker, tries to talk “sense” into my head. I’ve talked to him about my fears regarding the national ID card. He tells me “Just give in, quit trying to fight the system”

My orange prison uniform scratches the back of my neck. I squirm in my chair as he gives unwanted advice. I’ve met several other dissidents over the past months that I’ve been here. We’re all determined to reject the “Mark of the Beast”, as one of the Christian women puts it. News is sketchy in our cell, but we’ve heard that all banking trans- actions are now to be logged in using the National ID card. The general population is sold on it. My attorney tells me to quit resisting. They already have my fingerprints. If I want to buy anything I’ll have to have the UNI card.

My mind races back to a time several years ago. It was a Memorial Day weekend. I stood at the 24 hour teller machine on Sunday morning and was given a negative balance rather than the $50 that I had requested. I had just deposited my paycheck on Thursday morning. I was now down to 63C. I went to try another bank. The machine ate my card. In desperation, I pulled out my credit card at the grocery store and was told that I had exceeded my limit. I knew that I had made the payment on time. I was without cash or food for the rest of the weekend.

My attorney’s voice brings my attention back to the mat- ter at hand. He tells me to give it up! The banks are calling in all the cash. Since we converted to the UN monetary system, all the new denominations are credited to a card, much like a long distance calling card*. He also tells me that anyone caught with US dollars will be charged with treason. The new law comes into effect at the end of the year. He is just too afraid to take his pay in dollars. I will need to shape up or get myself a new attorney. (*Note that in 2002, few of us had ever heard of the debit card concept, now that’s practically all we use. Can you see the predictive nature of this story?)

Sherry Henderson, Editor Publisher Oracle 20/20 March 2014 3

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