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HEALING ARTS Finances & Self Esteem By John Henderson, DD, CI, CT.NLP

With the downturn of the economy several years ago, many people lost their jobs, their homes and their self esteem. Families broke up due to the economic stress- ors that were not present when times were good.

Even those who were able to keep their jobs often lost their homes due to the fear factor. One client allowed her home to be foreclosed on because she was in such fear mode that she stopped making the payments although nothing had changed with her income.

How do people allow this to happen? The subliminal suggestions and the overt announcements on the news stations focusing on the “bad economy” continually beat the drum “thousands unemployed”, “record fore- closures” and “Everyone is in danger of losing his/her job.” “Everyone is losing his/her home.” The subcon- scious mind hears these fearful announcements and accepts them as truths. Remember, when we are not focused and our conscious mind is otherwise occupied and the news is playing we are susceptible.

So just how does this programming get into the sub- conscious mind? Isn’t the rational mind supposed to filter out those things that are not true or that do not apply to the individual? Well, here’s how it works. Humans are in a state of hypnosis until the age of seven and the subconscious is open to errant programming. It’s much like a PC computer without virus protection. By the time the individual reaches puberty, the sub- conscious is mostly programmed to believe what the child was told or witnessed during his/her formative years. Not only that, but all the way through adulthood traumatic situations, serious illnesses, even daydream- ing or highway hypnosis open the subconscious mind because the guardian chi is lowered. If the child is told “We might lose our house. If Daddy doesn’t get to sleep, he can’t work and pay for it, so be quiet.” Right then and there, your “good” or “bad” behavior can cost the family its home! Maybe a teacher in a moment of frus- tration tells the child, “If you don’t learn math, you will not be able to hold a job when you grow up.” The child is traumatized and so he/she can’t learn the math and then believes in his/her subconscious mind that he/she will never be able to hold a job.

Not everyone has the same errant subsconscious pro- gramming. Some of us are programmed for success in life, but have other negative programs running. Read the book, RICH DAD - POOR DAD, for more information on how this programming is often family specific. It also gives suggestions to overcome that programming.

The subconscious mind really runs everything. If you don’t believe me, then tell me when you made your heart beat and said, “OK, now heart, it’s time for you to


beat”. You have never done that because your subcon- scious mind does that for you. You don’t say “OK, foot, I need to walk, so lift up and move 18 inches forward and set down, then... All these actions are controlled by the subconscious mind including who you draw to you to find the perfect job, the perfect partner, oops your sub- conscious mind was programmed by parents, teachers, neighbors and friends. With some of these role models, is it any wonder that you’re “messed up”.

Forward twenty-five or thirty years. Our hero has fought to maintain self esteem, has focused the con- scious mind on his/her goals, he/she has struggled, worked hard, bought a home, held down a job and has a nice family in spite of the childhood programming. Now the news is “refreshing” the subconscious errant pro- gramming with fresh programming – “People are los- ing their homes.” “The unemployment rate is soaring.” Guess what. The negatively programmed subconscious will create a situation where the job will be lost, then the chain of events, like dominos begins. There isn’t money to pay the bills or the house payment. The bill collec- tors call day and night further attacking the already low self esteem, reinforcing the negative subconscious program. It’s like a deep hole with no way out.

What does all this have to do with Hypnotherapy? The answer is deep in the subconscious mind. That is where all the programming is that runs a person’s life is located. Let’s look at this from a fresh perspective to start fresh and live life! The first question is, “Do we create own reality”? If so, then do something. There’s a fabulous book, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, that has the answer, but it isn’t necessary to read it because I’m going to give you the cold, hard facts right now. If you want to continue to get what you always got, then do what you’ve always done. The answer to changing your life and getting better is to reprogram your subcon- scious mind because whatever is in your subconscious mind and running your life will not change until it is reprogrammed.

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