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then a week later is what they called the removal of the sutures, which of course, there are no sutures, espe- cially for Leukemia, and when I awoke the next morning, everything in my life changed. I had a watch on that was very expensive, guaranteed to never lose time. It basi- cally stopped working and exploded during the night when the entities came and I had this suture removal. My children were here when I came out, they looked at me, they had never seen me look the way I did. They said Dad, it looks like your eye’s been all scraped on the right side. It’s all red and also know and you don’t even have any pupils. Were you doing drugs in there?” I just came out, and everything looked different to me and that is the thing that stands out to me is the love that I felt after the fear was removed because if you have read Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be Me” she basically speaks about living in a place of oneness and just understanding and seeing this divine love, and that....and she believes that cancer and so many of the diseases that we all face in our lifetime that so many of them originate in something called fear. In the course of miracles, it says “whatever is fear cannot be love, whatever is love cannot be fear.” It is either one or the other and when we remove all fear, then all that is left is love. When you remove the love, the only thing that is there is fear. The word ‘cancer’ must be associated with fear of some kind, certainly I don’t have a big fear of dying but just the idea of cancer and hearing the word and how terrifying that is to so many people is that somehow what they did is that they just released that and they just took that out. All of the symptoms that I was having begun to dissolve and I began to get my energy back and I went back to yoga and began walking again. But the thing that I noticed the most was how, when I looked at my children, they just looked so beautiful to me, and when I looked at the ocean, it just looked like this big kettle of love soup and you know, the trees looked different and the sky looked differ- ent. Ten days later I had my 71st birthday, and I was in San Francisco just finishing this film on forgiveness called “My Greatest Teacher”.....all I wanted to do that day, I went down to the office and I got about several thousand dollars’worth of $50 bills and I just went out to Union Square and all day long I was just befriending homeless people and talking to them and putting my arms around them and not caring about how unclean they seem to be and how badly they smelled, and none of that seemed to matter and I was just putting money into people’s hands....all day long from 7 in the morn- ing until 4 in the afternoon. It was the most memorable birthday of my life. That is really the thing that stands out - that virtually even our diseases, even the things that we carry around with us - so much of it just comes from fear, again, not the fear of dying but even the little things.

I often give the example of “Why do you drive the speed limit? Do you drive the speed limit because you love your fellow man and you want to keep everybody safe, or do you drive the speed limit because you are afraid that if you go over the speed limit you are going to get a ticket and you are going to have to pay?” That doesn’t sound like much but if you multiple that little thing about being afraid of this and being afraid of that

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