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Pioneer TS-W3003D4 Champion Series Pro

subwoofer and GM-A series amplifiers Notable:

Pioneer Electronics recently released its

Steinel Heat Gun Kit

Notable: Steinel’s HG 350 Precision Heat Gun Kit

is intended to help the installer save time with its advanced heating features. A bright LED light is provided to illuminate the work area while highly focused hot air ensures an accurate result. Te HG 350 ESD offers targeted 3.5 CFM airflow and temperature up to 930°F. Tis ESD-safe heat gun is designed for the electronics industry and small profile heat shrink tubing. An integrated LED light illuminates the work area and acts as an “on” indicator light enhancing safety and precision. Te Red colored “hot” indicator warns users not to touch the device until the nozzle has cooled. Te HG 350 offers a lightweight well-balanced design to reduce fatigue during long-term use. Te tool also offers a variety of accessories including a 7mm Reducer, Reducer with Reflector Guard, 40mm Reflector, and Precision Reflector.

new TS-W3003D4 Champion Series Pro subwoofer and line of GM-A series amplifiers that were designed to- wards matching consumer trends of driving more fuel-efficient vehicles and using pre-made subwoofer enclosures. Te latest TS-W3003D4 incor- porates key technologies, including Pioneer’s patented IMPP composite seamless cone, reinforced drive cone, dual spiders and large double stacked magnets, to produce powerful bass output utilizing both customized and prefabri- cated enclosures. Pioneer’s GM-A series amplifiers were also revamped in size, look and performance with added features such as a turn on/ off input sensor, bass boost and low/high-pass filters for ease of installation. Te subwoofer features Pioneer’s IMPP composite cone for high

strength and durability and a 12-inch dual 4-ohm voice coil. Te cone can produce massive air movements without flexing or buckling, which would normally cause added distortion. Te subwoofer is rated at 600 Watts (RMS)/2000 Watts (Max) and

is now available with a suggested retail price of $180. Te GM-A Amplifiers were completely redesigned to be more

compact in every dimension, including height, to increase physical installation flexibility. Available in four models, the amps incorporate a smaller chassis, slimmed down significantly in size from the previous genera- tion to take up less space in the vehicle. Te 4-channel amps provide a max of 760 and 480 Watts each while the 2-channel amps

provide 900 and 400 max Watts each. Each model also features a variety of audio adjustments

for increased sound quality. All four GM-A series amplifiers are currently available with suggested prices ranging from $80 to $160.

Advent Overhead HDMI

Notable: Te ADVEXL10 10.1” Hi-Def digital monitor with built-in DVD player has 2

HDMI/MHL inputs enabling smart phones and other personal mobile devices to be plugged in directly. Content that is stored or being streamed live to the mobile device can be played back on the monitor. Te system also features audio/video inputs and outputs, USB port with charging capability, and a game port option. It also provides M1/M2 control, an integrated IR headphone transmitter, built-in 100 channel FM modulator with FM transmitter function, last position memory and auto-on upon disc insertion. Te device is available in interchangeable shale, pew- ter and black trim rings and snap-on covers. Headrest bun shapes and assemblies are designed to match the factory headrests. A solid frame construction ensures stability; posts are notched to factory specs. 43

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