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feel you can see beyond outward ap- pearances and truly understand who they are. Like fertile soil, you nurture people so that their dreams can grow.

Should you prefer Purple first; you are determined, dramatic and empow- ering. Your power is seeing new possi- bilities, ideas and strategies. Your moti- vation is to become more self-powered. Your search for personal power is cer- tainly no secret. You are reflective and thoughtful. Others see you as witty, clever, and full of pride, and they are right. You need to show off your stuff. You are strong-willed. You know exactly what you want from others.

Should you prefer Orange first; you are bold, sentimental and dedi- cated. Your power is implementing change without disruption. Your mo- tivation is to discover how things are made. You are dedicated to your job, hobbies, friends and family. Your realis- tic view of the world allows you to iden- tify what is not important. You are a doer and have a sharp eye for spotting physical things that are not working.

There is no wrong color, personality or combination of Hue you are, it is just Hue you are. The most important thing I have learned from this system and book is: I know Hue I am, I am OCTOBER 2013 47

a red/purple. When I am working in business or in my personal life with another red/purple, I adjust my per- sonality and take a step back. If I am working with a first choice Yellow, I slow down and give them the facts. To me it is too much information but that is who they are. You can’t change others, but you can change and ad- just you! Being a red and working with a blue-I let them dream. That is what they do best. Color test your family, friends and colleagues. You will be surprised at how much better you will relate, once you know and understand Hue they are.

In the next article you will learn more about Hue you are when we take a look at the Achromatic colors of Black, Brown and white. For more informa- tion, email Margi at or We Make Color Easy ●

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