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and possibilities to unfold. You accept people for who they are.

If you prefer Blue first without think- ing, you are a planner, initiator and visionary. Your power is the ability to visualize the future. You are a dreamer and a visionary—wistful, imaginative and eccentric. You’re preoccupied with the future. Your dreams give you the mental discipline to concentrate and stay on track. You need to justify your life by making a positive impact on the world. Even on those you don’t know. Thinking about the future energizes you.

If you prefer Red first without think- ing, you are practical, resourceful and direct. Your power is the use of experience to improve things. Your motivation is to better control your world. You know exactly what you want. Money, Power, and status give you a sense of security but ultimately you use them as a means of expres- sion. This is your primary goal. You’re not one to hoard your wealth. On the contrary, you would give the shirt off your back for those you’re concerned about. You are ambitious, driven, con- fident and outgoing.

Let’s look at how you start your day: Yellows get up and have your day planned. You make sure that what

46 Connect And Grow With Women In Our Community

you have in your day timer- or goggle calendar is what you really need to be doing. You go over all the facts need- ed that day and are very organized. Blues get up and see the sun out and decide instead of creating another future based product, they might be more creative if they play tennis first. Reds get up and go directly to their computer, work away for about an hour and then realize they have not had a coffee and need to get ready to the day. The day can change in a heartbeat, and you don’t miss a beat!

Let us look at the Secondary Colors, they determine how you reason in your relationships and create bonds with the world around you.

Should you prefer Green first; you are nurturing, concerned and com- fortable. Your power is creating sup- portive environments. Your motiva- tion is to understand who you are and what you want. You’re the perfect audience for others’ problems. They interpret your concerns as encourage- ment to talk about their lives. They

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