This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book. to obtain the appropriate audi- tion information, requirements, solos and forms. All rehearsal and performance dates and times are printed on the application. Students should be reminded of these obli- gations prior to submitting the application. If a student elects to participate in an en- semble that student will be expected to ful- fill the scheduled rehearsal and performance dates if accepted. Region events do not happen without

help from the directors within the region. If you are interested in participating as a host or manager please contact Greg or Matt. Directors who would like to suggest a

new high school or junior high school solo for future auditions are encouraged to do so. The process for having a new solo consid- ered is to contact the band chairs and pro- vide a copy of the music for them. Your sug- gestion will be submitted to a committee for review (All-State band procedures for high school solos) and added to the list if deemed appropriate. NJMEA Band Procedures Representatives for NJSMA: Lewis Kelly, Gregory Mulford and Mindy Scheierman. Any band division details can be found

on the region website as well as contact in- formation for Matt or Greg. We look for- ward to working with all of you throughout the upcoming year.

as Past President and Ben Fong (Reeds Road Elementary Sschool) is our President. Auditions for the 2014 All South Jer-

sey Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Junior High String Ensemble will take place on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at Eastern Regional HS. John Stanz and Gail Posey will be our hosts. Applications and directions are available on our website. Deb Knisely (Cinnaminson HS) is our se- nior high auditions chair. Congratulations to Susan Meuse (East

Brunswick Public Schools) who was selected to conduct the 2014 Junior High String En- semble. Our 2014 Orchestra conductor is Michael Gagliardo (Etowah Youth Orches- tra, Alabama). The conductor for our 2014 Wind Ensemble is Darryl Bott (Rutgers University) and Andrew Seigel (William Davies MS) will conduct the Symphonic Band. Nichole Delnero (Toms River HS South) will continue to be our High School Band Coordinator along with Glenn Mot- son (Glocester City HS) who will be our String Coordinator. The South Jersey Band and Orchestra

South Jersey Band And Orchestra Directors Association


tober 9, 2013. This breakfast meeting will take place at Seven Star Diner in Sewell at 9:00 AM. Please notify Ben Fong (609- 457-0590 or if you are able to attend. Audition materials will be available and our new online registration process will be explained. The new officers elected at our Spring


meeting are: Vinnie Du Beau, President- Elect (Delsea Regional HS); Joe Jacobs, Sec- retary (Ventnor MS); Tony Scardino, Trea- surer (Indian Mills MS); and Phil Senseney, Auditions Chair (Southern Regional MS). Deb Knisely (Cinnaminson HS) will serve

ur first membership meet- ing for this school year will be held on Wednesday, Oc-

Directors Association offer many oppor- tunities for instrumental music teachers to expand their involvement and expertise as music educators. We provide excellent vehi- cles for professional development including conducting and managing our ensembles. Many teachers have gained wonderful ideas and strategies by observing rehearsals and meeting with colleagues. You can enhance your school music program to include ex- cellent performing opportunities for your students and ensembles. We encourage all music teachers to take advantage of the wonderful resources offered by SJBO- DA this year. Please contact Ben Fong at or 609-457-0590 for additional information. We encourage you to check our web-

site, which is maintained by Scott McCar- ron, (Delsea Regional HS) for the latest SJ- BODA updates. We wish everyone an exciting and suc-

cessful year. Joseph Jacobs Secretary, SJBODA

and dedicated music educator, Richard M. Smith, who passed away suddenly on June 22, 2013. Mr, Smith had been a member of SJCDA for over 50 years and was our long time Treasurer. Our organization will feel a tremendous sense of loss for a long time to come.

T The Board of Directors has worked

throughout the summer on the planning of our activities for the 2013-14 school year.

The slate of officers for the 2013-14

year is as follows: William Yerkes (West Deptford High School), President;

Nancy Cecilio (Bunker Hill MS), 1st

Dennis Lupchinsky (Lindenwold Schools), 2nd

Vice-President/President Elect Vice-President/

Coordinator of Choral Festivals;

Duane Trowbridge (Audubon High School), Secretary;

TBD Treasurer. Members at Large for the Board of

Directors, who will be responsible for the overseeing of our Senior High, Junior High, and Elementary Choral Festivals are: Cristin Charlton, Collingswood High School; Amy Troxel, Clearview Middle School; Cheryl Breitzman, Absegami High School; Hope Knight, William Allen Middle School; Patricia Allen, Salem Public Schools; and Shaun Brauer, Salem Middle School. Our festival conductors this year will

be Chris Thomas, Rowan University (Se- nior High Chorus), Brian Kain, Cherry Hill Beck and Carusi Middle Schools (Ju- nior High Chorus), and Cristin Charlton, Collingswood High School (Elementary). Junior and Senior High Chorus audi- tions will be held Saturday, November 16th. Kahlil Gunther at Woodstown High School will once again host the auditions. Thanks very much to Kahlil for always doing an outstanding job!

78 OCTOBER 2013

South Jersey SJCDA

Choral Directors Association

he South Jersey Choral Di- rectors Association (SJCDA) lost a dear friend, mentor,

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