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Facebook page for dates as they become available. I am still in need of managers and rehearsal hosts for our region percus- sion ensembles. If you are interested in ei- ther please email me ASAP. For a non-per- cussionist teacher looking to further your percussion skills and knowledge, being part of our region ensembles is a perfect chance to do so. I wish everyone all the best for a successful school year.

NJSMA North Jersey

School Music Association

and a successful start to the 2013-2014 school year. The Region I executive board is looking forward to this year with great anticipation as we continue to serve all of your music programs with the finest music experience for both you and your students. At our summer meeting the board was able to conduct most of the business needed to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Janell Kallimanis began another two-year term as our recording secretary, and we wel- comed Russ Batsch as our new President- Elect. Over the summer we also welcomed Irene Lahr from Mahwah as one of our new Choral Division chairs, as we thank both Stephanie Quirk and Austin Vallies for their outstanding work last year. We thank Mi- chael Kallimanis for his service as President for the past two years and look forward to his mentorship as past-President. Lastly, we thank Pete Pettinielli for the past six years of service to the region board, having complet- ed his final year as past President in June. Like many other years, the NJSMA calendar is full of exciting events at all lev- els and in all performance disciplines. The cornerstones of the year are our honor en- semble, taking place on January 4, 2014 for high school and February 1, 2014 for junior high. For most of us the reason we decided to become musician educators was because of outstanding honor ensemble experiences like those we offer in Region I, so I encour- age everyone to sponsor students so we can pass along the gifts we were given early on in our musical careers. I also encourage every-


hope this finds all of the music teachers in North Jersey well, hav- ing enjoyed a restful summer break

one to participate in the many other festivals we offer, featuring some of the top clinicians in the nation and providing a showcase for the outstanding school music programs in our region.

The essence of our organization, and the reason it works so well, of the exhaustive

is because efforts of everyone

who volunteers to help with our events throughout the year. If you are interested in helping with the region in any way, whether it is hosting an event, managing an ensemble, running a sectional, or in whatever way you are able, please feel free to contact me or any of the division chairs. Our region lives and thrives because of the talents of its’ member teachers and their students, and I encourage everyone to get involved in any way you see fit. Lastly, please help us increase our membership buy reaching out any colleagues you may know who are not currently members of NAfME. A large and active membership ensures years of continued success in the future. Please visit our website (www.NJSMA. com) for updated information, application, forms, audition requirements and anything else concering our Region. As always, please contact me or any one of the board mem- bers if we can assist you in any way. Best wishes to you all for a successful school year! Peter Bauer, President NJSMA

Orchestra Division

Nate Lienhard and Michael Holak Orchestra Division Co-Chairs

Audition dates for the 2013-2014

NJSMA orchestra season is as follows: High school – Saturday, January 4th, 2014; Ju- nior HS – Saturday, February 1st, 2014. Our high school orchestra concert is sched- uled for Sunday, February 9th, 2014. The junior high school orchestra concert is set for Sunday, March 9th, 2014. NJSMA Or- chestra division follows the scale and solo repertoire requirements of All-State Orches- tra. Please check the region or state website for further details. We would like to promote the NJSMA

Orchestra Festivals which are held at Mill- burn High School and Randolph Middle School under the auspices of Karen Con- rad and Hsiao-yu Lin Griggs. This is an excellent venue for orchestra directors who would like to highlight their students’ ac- complishments and at the same time receive


valuable insight on improving performance through an accomplished adjudicator. We are looking forward to increasing the num- ber of orchestras this year. This is a great opportunity for directors and students alike to meet prominent string educators in our tri-state area. Try it, you’ll love it! We are very excited to introduce our 1st

Elementary Honors Orchestra. This will be an all-day event on April 5th

2014. Please

let your elementary school orchestra/string colleagues know we are looking for them to nominate their students. Keep an eye open for details.

All accepted region orchestra members will be mailed concert music prior to the first strings rehearsal based on the scores of the first audition. A second audition based on the concert material will ensue on the first full orchestra rehearsal. The first and second audition totals will be accumulated to determine the seating within their respec- tive string section.

Band Division

Matthew Spatz and Gregory Mulford Band Division Co-Chairs

We hope that everyone is off to a suc-

cessful start of the year. We are looking for- ward to a wonderful year and continuing to work with all of the directors and students in North Jersey. We are pleased to announce that our high school ensembles will be perform- ing on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Bradley Genevro, Director of Bands at Messiah Col- lege, will be conducting the wind ensemble and William Stowman, Music Department Chair at Messiah College, will be conduct- ing the symphonic band. 2014 will present the fourth annual NJSMA high school chamber music con- cert and will be held on Wednesday, Febru- ary 26 at 7:00 pm. Ensembles will include chamber winds, flute, clarinet, saxophone, brass and percussion ensembles. Please en- courage your students to select this option on their high school application. The junior high school band require-

ments have a new look. The scales have been updated and a new timpani rudiment has been added. Please print off the updated requirements for you and your students.

All students interested in auditioning for any region ensembles should visit www.


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