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New 2013 Band Music

From Carl Fischer/Theodore Presser by Thomas A. Mosher, editor

The Carl Fischer Performance Series has

many different levels of performance for all types of bands with 10 weeks of study through advanced. The music at all lev- els is interesting and can be of value to all band directors at these various levels. There are many titles to choose from at the Carl Fischer website where one can listen to them prior to purchase. Listed below are descrip- tions of these levels with some of the 2013 listings which have just been published and sent to TEMPO for review.

The Primer Band Level (Grade .5) re-

quires only 10 weeks of study and contains only the first six notes of the concert Bb scale. The pieces are short and only require one part per instrument. It uses basic 3-4 part writing with bass parts fully covered in low brass and woodwinds. Some of the titles contained in this level are: Anasazi Legend by Joseph Compello Buglers Rule by Joseph Compello Christmas Mash-up March by Larry Clark Colossus by Larry Clark In Time for the Holidays (Jingle Bells) by Bill Calhoun

Omicron by Sean O’Loughlin Rolling Tough by Kevin Mixon

The Beginning Band Level (Grade 1) is intended for the first year band with bass parts being played by low brass and wood- winds. Ranges are limited and only simple eighth note rhythms are employed. Clari- nets are below the break, the percussion parts are active, and all are playable with limited study. Selections contained in this level include: Danza Latina by Gene Milford Expressions by Bill Calhoun Hard Drive by Kevin Mixon Hidden World by Sean O’Loughlin Recognition March by Larry Clark Trolls! By Peter Terry

is playable by 1st

The First Plus Band level (Grade 1.5) year developing bands. Sec-

ond parts are now written for clarinet and trumpet, the bass parts are still covered by


the low brass and woodwinds, there are more eighth notes, and first clarinet will now play above the break. Some of the se- lections in this group are: Nordic Vision by Bill Calhoun O Christmas In Three (contains three carols in traditional ¾ meter: O Christmas Tree, Away in the Manger, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas) arranged by Joseph Compello

Epic by Larry Clark Bridges by Alan Lee Silva Dominion by Sean O’Loughlin Battle Quest by Mike Forbes Chant and Ritual Dance (c minor) by Joseph Compello

The Young Band Level (Grade 2) adds

a separate Trombone and Baritone part, six- teenth notes, and easy low brass writing. The limited independence of parts keeps everything playable by developing bands while introducing them to new materials. Selections included in this series contain: Black Mast by Peter Terry Celtic Dreams by Mike Forbes Chant, Chorale and Dance by Bill Calhoun Christmas Rondo by Gene Milford Elation by Sean O’Loughlin Envisage by Larry Clark Juba by Kevin Mixon Leaning on the Everlasting Arms by Anthony J. Showalter, arr. Carl Strommen

Morning Glory March by Joseph Compello

Ripcord by George Sweet Shepherd’s Hey arranged by Andrew Balent

Side by Side March by John L. Klohr, arr. Laurie Lafferty

Welcome March by Harold Bennett, arr. Larry Clark

The Flexible Band Level (Grade 2.5-3) is designed with flexible instrumentation to assist bands with incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation. It uses five part scoring plus percussion. An optional keyboard part is provided to enhance the sound if needed.


The series will include already popular titles re-scored for five part flexible instrumenta- tion and new works. Some titles include: Achilles’ Wrath by Sean O’Loughlin Digital Prisms by Larry Clark Might Mite March by Ted Mesang, arr. Sean O’Loughlin

The Concert Band Series (Grades 3

– 3.5) uses full instrumentation with ex- panded use of rhythms, ranges, and keys, but technical demands are carefully consid- ered. Generous cross cuing of solo parts is maintained. A few of the selected titles are: Angels Sing by Bill Calhoun Soaring (solo Trumpet with Band) by Sean O’Loughlin

Ascending by Larry Clark Innisfree by Carl Strommen Residuum by George Sweet Circle in a Square by Ed Kiefer With Visions of Tomorrow by Brant Karrick

Matinee by Bill Calhoun The Ides of March by Sean O’Loughlin The Picadore March by John Phillip Sousa, arr. Andrew Balent

The Symphonic Band Series (Grade 5)

uses standard band instrumentation and is of a difficulty level within reason for high school groups. Some titles are: Setting Sail (Freedom of the Spirit) by Carl Strommen

Alexander’s Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin, arr. Jerry Nowak

Joy to the Season (based upon Hark! The Herald Angel Sing!; Patapan; It Came Upon The Midnight Clear; and Joy to the World) by Sean O’Loughlin

The Authentic Fillmore Series in-

cludes: A Review March To The U.S. of A. Armed Forces by Henry Fillmore, arr. Robert E. Foster

Teddy Trombone (A brother to Miss Trombone) by Henry Fillmore, arr. Robert E. Foster


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