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Jersey City Food Co-op Book Club Open to All

n March, Jersey City Food Co-op launched its free book club, Eat Local, Read Local! It meets at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Tachair Bookshoppe, in downtown Jersey City. The next meeting will be July 23.

The monthly club is open to anyone interested in engaging in discussions on food, from politics to

preparation. “It is envisioned as a forum to discuss and educate ourselves on the various issues and aspects of our food system,” says organizer and co-op member-owner Michele Lalic. “Each meeting has attracted a great crowd from all over the city.”

Each meeting includes a discussion of the month’s book, as well as a dominant theme. Lalic also invites a guest to present information on a related food topic. At the July meeting, the club will discuss Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, by Barry Estabrook. Based on an award-winning article by chef James Beard, the book is an investigative journalism piece on the cultural, health and environmental issues that have arisen out of the evolution of the tomato industry. Lalic adds, “To complement the discussion, Jersey City holistic health and wellness counselor—and Italian-born JCFC member—Mara Mazzarotta will share recipes and tips on healthful eating from her own culinary tradition, focusing on tomatoes, of course.”

Location: 460 Newark Ave., Jersey City. For more information, email BookClub@ JCFoodCoop.Coop or visit

Personal Chef and Health Coach Offers Seven-Day Cleanse

ackie Greene, a personal chef and health coach with Slen’Da-Rella, in Martinsville, is offering a special Seven-Day Tiny Bikini Cleanse, which comes with all ingredients, as well as constant guidance, helpful hints and motivational words of encouragement.


“This is one of our longest cleanses yet, and I promise you it is nothing short of fabulous,” says Greene.

about advertising and how you can participate, call

For more information about advertising and how you can participate, call


973-928-8884 Hudson County

000-000-0000 For more information

The seven-day menu starts out with a three-day liquid cleanse to clean the digestive system and calm all cravings for sugar, salt and unnatural flavoring, Greene explains. This helps prepare the body and mind for the next phase, which includes fresh juice in the morning and introduces raw soup at mid-day and a nutritious raw meal at the end of each day. On the fifth day, Greene provides recipes and shopping lists for continued success, as well as a “Weekend Warrior Suggestion List” to help participants transition off the cleanse.

The cleanse escorts unwanted toxins out of the body, which results in flatter abdomens and clearer minds, Greene says. “When you participate in this cleanse, I will provide you with constant support to help you get through each day with ease,” she adds. “If that doesn’t make eating healthier any easier, I don’t know what will!”

For more information, call 732-887-8538, email or visit

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