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tempting dishes as Curry Chicken Almondine, Chipotle Chili and Roasted Butternut Squash and Cranberries. Complete meals range from about $10 to $15, and can be combined with raw foods such as salad. “It has really taken off and people are following it.” Parcells believes that fitness

depends on nutrition. “Nutrition is about 80 percent of it,” he says. “I can get somebody in good shape more by diet than working out. And, by eating right, they’ll have so much energy they’ll want to work out. With someone who is tired, they don’t want to exercise because they’re eating junk.”

He has seen the difference that good nutrition makes in his own life. He was doing CrossFit workouts and felt that he was in good shape, although he didn’t pay much attention to nutrition. Then in 2007, he heard a presentation by Robb Wolf, author of the best-selling book The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, and was so inspired that he wanted to try the diet. He noticed a significant improvement in his performance right away and began recommending it to others. “Plus, you feel more energetic, your mind is clearer and you can think better,” he says.

Some area gyms, including

Parcells’ CrossFit Hoboken, have taken advantage of Paleo Cuisine’s “Drop Stop” program for its members.

Parcells provides the freezers and free delivery of food for members to pick up at their gyms once a week. Paleo Cuisine also caters parties. “People like it because they can serve food that tastes good and it’s really healthy, too,” Parcells says.

His gym also features a Paleo Challenge, which has helped participants lose body fat and gain strength. He describes one longtime gym member that had hit a plateau in his fitness after one year. He started at about 15 percent body fat, and he followed the diet for eight weeks and

dropped to 8.5 percent—and Parcells says he’s been doing it ever since. He adds that challenge participants need not buy the Paleo Cuisine meals, but they often want to. “Our food is easy, but it’s also so good,” he says. “People buy it and they’ll find it tastes better than what they’ve been eating. And it really works to make them healthier.”

For more information, call 800-805- 9307, email or visit or Facebook. com/PaleoCuisine.

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