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by Sazzu Hope K

ombucha is fermented tea that is gaining popularity as a health drink, but buying it can be expensive. Making kombucha at home, however, is a simple, inexpensive and delicious way to get some healthy bacte- ria into the gut and enjoy a variety of health benefits such as immunity support, improved digestion, detoxification and increased energy. When consumed regularly, it can even replace probiotic pills. The sky’s the limit with this drink, and so are the health benefits.

“Mother” or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY)

2 tea bags of unscented, organic green, black or oolong tea

2½ cups pure, filtered water ¼ cup organic white sugar ½ cup prepared organic, raw, live kombucha (from the store or from a friend)

Glass or ceramic container with breathable cover (such as a paper towel) Rubber band to secure cover Plastic or wooden spoon

Note: A SCOBY looks like a big floating mushroom that is silky and odorless. These are available online from various stores or Craigslist, or from friends that have extras. SCOBYs reproduce with every new batch of kombucha, so getting just one means that over time, there will be others to share.

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Organic products are best. Never use any metal contain- ers or utensils; metal harms the SCOBY. Make sure that everything is super clean, including hands.


Brew the tea, add the sugar, stir and cool to room temperature.

Add the already-brewed kombucha. Add the SCOBY.

Set aside for a couple of weeks, tasting now and then until it turns tart.

The more tartness in the flavor, the more probiotics there are. If the kombucha is brewed properly and long enough (until it tastes tart), the SCOBY will eat up the caffeine and the sugar.To simplify the process after the first batch, add more prepared tea when the con- tainer is one-quarter full, and a new batch will begin brewing. To make special flavors of kombucha, simply brew the tea a second time, separately and without the SCOBY, with fruit juice, ginger, spirulina, chia seeds or lemon. This also increases the nutritional value.

Sazzu Hope, of Fully Vibrant, in New Jersey, is a health and lifestyle coach and colon hydrotherapist. For more information or a free consultation, email SazzuHope@ or visit


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