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developed so they can be easily (and quickly) customized to fit an operator’s or owner’s needs. Parking is not a one size fits all business. Each location has its own particular need and the revenue control system MUST be customized to fit those needs.” But how do you keep all these sys-

tems running? “30 years in the industry, starting as a dealer for Federal and Amano before I began Datapark in 1986, taught me that it’s service and support,

Your systems must be developed so they can be easily (and quickly) customized to fit an operator’s or owner’s needs.

not the name on the box, that makes the difference. You must have localized sup- port to keep the equipment running, no matter who makes it.Without support, it means nothing.” “However, with a software based

solution, support does tend to move from the field to the lab. Hardware support in the field, software support from the lab.” Datapark’s Headquarter office is in

San Leandro, CA, a few miles south of Oakland Airport. They have administra- tive, test labs, assembly and warehousing. Their hardware is manufactured in Europe with software support provided from each of the main market cities across the nation and internationally. “We keep a number of systems on hand so we can support customers who need quick deliv- ery,” Harlambiew noted. “Support must be our number one

goal. We have over 2,500 systems installed in the U.S., with many more in Asia, Australia, Central and South Ameri- ca and Europe. Our support staff are in offices in those areas, with dealers in cities where installations have taken place. You must have boots on the ground to keep complex computer systems working.”

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Parking in Motion Announces Closing of Series A Funding

Parking In Motion, Inc.

announced the closing of its Series A financing round, co-led by IDG Ventures and Fontinalis Partners, which will allow the company to deliver the world’s largest real- time parking database to automo- bile navigation systems, mobile phones, tablet devices, and other data aggregators. Parking in Motion’s mission is

to help drivers park quickly and cheaply in a world where parking demand is growing much faster than the supply of spaces. More than two billion vehicles are pro- jected to be on the road by 2050, and current studies indicate that approximately 30 percent of urban congestion currently results from motorists searching for parking. Going forward, it will become increasingly important for drivers to quickly locate available parking in order to ease carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and real- time parking availability informa- tion will be instrumental in accom- plishing that goal. “We are pleased that two of

the world’s leading technology and transportation investors have joined us to take Parking In Motion to the next level, and we view the investment as further validation of the growing importance of real- time transportation data,” says Sam Friedman, Co-Founder and CEO of Parking In Motion.”We are all excited to make the search for a parking space a thing of the past, and this partnership will accelerate our progress towards that goal.” William Clay Ford, Jr. (“Bill

Ford”), a Founding Partner of Fontinalis Partners and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Compa- ny, stated, “Our partnership with the Parking In Motion team reflects our commitment to sup- porting companies that seek to improve personal mobility across the globe. Real-time parking data can have a meaningful impact on alleviating the world’s most pressing congestion and environ- mental problems.” Fontinalis Partners is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company.

“Saving time, money and the planet at

the same time is appealing, and we were impressed by the robustness of Parking In Motion’s parking data and the scalability of its platform,” says Pat Kenealy, Managing Director of IDGVentures. “The Parking In Motion team has done a great job of aggre- gating data across thousands of disparate parking providers and presenting it in con- sumer-friendly ways in nav systems and on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. As the world ‘goes mobile’, real- time parking information is poised for wide- spread distribution.”

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