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managed large parking systems as an Owner’s Representative and managed multi-unit portfolios for commercial parking man- agement firms. “Michael’s knowledge of the U.S. market and his understanding of our customers’ needs make him the perfect addition to our team,” says Joan Manel Puig Costa, CEO of ParkHelp. “I am very excited to join the ParkHelp team. With ParkHelp’s track record around the world, the U.S. market is the next natural step for us,” says Civitelli. “Our parking guidance technology improves mobility within parking systems and reduces “time to park,” providing our clients a significant cus- tomer service advantage and contributing to sustainability efforts.” Jerry Skillett, late of Central Parking, has formed a parking

investment firm with The Car Park’s Jeff Wolfe. Initial funding for the firm was set at $100,000,000 to invest in parking companies. Key Valet proudly presents their new partner site; Eter-

naLock. These high-end security locks are machined from solid bar stock with heavy duty protection. This unique lock is offered in various component options to suit your security purposes. Pro- viding versatility and interchangeability, one lock body will accommodate any their shackle, chain and/or cable locking sys- tem. These incredibly, well-designed locks are manufactured from 100% Stainless Steel. Applications include but not limited to; marinas, motorcycles, bikes, construction sites, industrial parks and the list goes on. Please visit for further information. The partner site provides you with the opportunity to shop right on line. All products are manufactured right on site at the machine shop located in Central NJ. Kendra Petty, Vice president at L and R before they sold

most of their parking operations to Ampco System, is now Regional Vice President for Laz Parking—she is supervising Laz Parking’sWest Coast Operations and is based in Beverly Hills. Haskell announces it has been awarded an $18 million con-

tract to design and build a mixed-use parking garage and central energy plant for Miami-Dade College’s Hialeah campus located in Miami. The parking structure will feature approximately 900 parking spaces and 5,000 square feet of multi-purpose and ancil- lary space on the ground level. The central energy plant will serve the heating, cooling and backup power needs of the campus and improve its overall energy efficiency. U.S. LED LIGHTING is launching a Shared Energy Savings

Program. Most companies today after studying the benefits of LED lighting, which include reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, and no adverse affects from vibra- tion, water, and temperature variation, want to improve the safe- ty, security and perception of their parking garage. Unfortunate- ly, many of these same companies do not have the capital or the funding available to them so they are not particularly motivated to make the upgrade to LED lighting. Central Parking System, Inc. (“Central”) announced that

parking industry veterans, Daniel Huberty and Robert Cizek, have joined the company as Senior Vice Presidents to lead Cen- tral’s new initiative of a national sales group. The national sales group will focus on large and complex projects throughout the United States, as well as servicing institutional real estate funds including REITS, private equity and infrastructure funds and portfolio clients. Dan Huberty comes to Central from Clean Ener- gy Fuels, the largest provider of natural gas for transportation in North America, where he served as Vice President. Prior to Clean Energy, he spent 16 years in the parking industry for one of the largest parking companies in the U.S. serving in various capaci-


ties including Vice President, head of the airport division, respon- sible for U.S. business development and operations throughout the country. Outside of parking, Dan represents District 127 in the Texas House of Representatives and serves on the Public Educa- tion and State Affairs committees. Robert Cizek has spent 22 years in parking including twenty of those years at Central Park- ing rising through the ranks to become Senior Vice President responsible for business development and operations in over ten states. Robert’s relationships extend throughout the U.S. includ- ing during the past two years as he worked on advancing “intel- ligent transportation” technologies working with Park Mobile, the largest provider in the United States of pay by phone for on- and off-street parking, and StreetSmart a wireless vehicle detec- tion technology company. Standard Parking Corporation announced several contract

awards in the university and municipal markets by the Universi- ty ofWashington, the City of FortWorth, Texas and the City of New Orleans, Louisiana. Coupled with previously announced municipal contract awards to SP Plus®

Miami Beach, Florida and Chelsea,Massachusetts) and universi- ty contract awards to SP Plus®

University and Sinclair Community College), the wins reflect the continuing penetration of the Company’s SP Plus®

DESMAN Associates is pleased to announce that Andrew

Hill has joined our Boston office as a Senior Planning Consult- ant. Andy will be responsible for executing and managing plan- ning, finance, market and operations studies across New Eng- land. Andy comes to DESMAN after nearly 15 years in the parking industry. During his tenure, Andy was responsible for developing operating, staffing and budget plans for new accounts; selecting, purchasing and overseeing installation of PARCS equipment; designing revenue control, accounting and reporting procedures; and providing independent audits of the various accounts. T2 Systems Inc. is proud to announce that it has completed

the first phase of its T2 Flex installation at Super Park, a large off- airport facility in Houston, Texas. The T2 Flex PARCS hosted solution includes software and hardware designed to help streamline Super Park’s internal processes and reporting, while enabling it to offer more convenient, automated parking options to its customers. This project marks T2’s entry into the off-airport market and brings the Super Park facility one step closer to meet- ing its goal of implementing an automated unified solution that will offer the following: nested entry and exit areas that allow for tiered pricing and market segmentation, barcoded coupons with online delivery, customer loyalty programs via a web-enabled system, and online reservations for patrons – all in a cashier-less environment with bi-directional real-time communication between the online components and the PARCS system. BLT Architects, an architecture and interior design firm

based in Philadelphia, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To com- memorate this occasion, we would like to invite you to Philadel- phia on October 25 for a familiarization tour. This tour will show- case some of the most well-known hospitality, education, mixed- use, and infrastructure projects in Philadelphia designed by BLT Architects in the past 50 years. On September 26 Encon Electronics, a wholesale distributor

in the access control industry that stocks a huge variety of prod- ucts and guarantees superior customer service and expert techni- cal support hosted BD Loops’ popular “Everything You Need to Know about Loops” educational seminar. The turnout for the

Parking Today Municipal Services (by

University Services (by Emory brand.

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