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ition Trade Show and Seminars Chicago (O’Hare), IL

Here are some of the sessions that will be held

Automated Parking These are mechanical marvels. They potentially doublethenumber of cars you can park on a spe- cific pieceof land, and could doublethe cost of the garage, or do they? This seminar leader takes you through the planning, design, construction, and op- eration of an Automated garage that is running now in a major east coast city.

Parking in the “Clouds” Cloud computing. You may not know it, but most likely your operation is using this cutting edge technology right now. Are you connected to the internet? Do you take payments or collect data using a browser? Should you be? An internationally known expert talks about where parking technology must go.

Run your Garage with No Personnel Nada, Zip, Zero. Some companies are doing it now. Operators haveput their toein thewater and find they like it. Does service suffer, or actually get better? The garage is in Seattle, the person answering the intercom is in Austin, Texas. Find out how it’s done.

Technology and

Sustainability at Airports This ‘hot’ seminar brings Energy Management –

Garage Graphics – Poetry, Directions, La- beling – are they useless?

The Economics of Parking Garage Construction

Parking, Population & Sustainability Trends & Research in Parking

Building Tomorrow’s Steel-Framed Parking Structures Today How to run a shuttle system – two approaches

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A New Field, traffic flow management, electric car charging stations (yes, no, when?) lighting and a myriad of other like topics to bear on the sustain- ability conversation you have with your boss.

University Programs –

Starved for Cash? A university Vice President talks about his biggest concern – a lack of knowledge about operational costs combined with vanishing real estate for park- ing and the fact that higher ed. is strapped for cash. Dealing with these issues should be on every- one’s horizon.

Strategic Planning at the

University Level You show up every day and think you have moved from the parking department to the fire depart- ment. Do you have a strategic plan? What should be in it? Who do you involve in its preparation? What is your mission, your vision, your goals?

Revenue Control and

Hands on Auditing The singularly most popular and best attended seminar at previous PIEs. The industry expert on

Creating a Customer Service Climate at air- ports and beyond

JVH vs Parking Wars What the heck am I doing with all this data?

Public Private Partnership (PPP) – Will it work at the University Level Demand Based Pricing

Why I don’t use a parking operator at my university

revenue control and auditing takes the gloves off and tells it like it is. Hear him defend his case that up to 30% of therevenuein most operations never gets collected.

What happens when you go from

20 below to 100 above? A city parking manager moved from New Hamp- shire to Las Vegas, Nevada, from a comfortable job running a medium sized program to a huge city with no parking program at all. What now?

Single Space Meters, gone,

or here to stay This round table involves city parking managers who elected to keep single space meters over mul- tispace units. Why? What technology is out there to help make your decision?

Multi Space Meters (Pay by Space/

display) – Cities are flocking to them Find out why. Presented by both cities and vendors, learn about this technology, its costs, its savings, and its benefits. When you make your decision, have all the facts. This is where to get them.

PPP – It got bad press in Chicago – but what about Indianapolis?

Municipal Parking Enforcement Revenue Control Best Practices Pay by Cell Phone

Change your lighting, go from bright to “Green” Sensors – in the street ……And many more.

For more information Contact Andy Van Horn 310-390-5277 x1 or

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