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The Ultimate Change Project


TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT The Ultimate Change Project was designed

to target physical, psychological and social problems that plague our youth, with Ulti- mate as the remedy. A variety of issues that our youth has faced and continues to face, include, but are not limited to: lack of social skills, health issues such as physical inactiv- ity and obesity, emotional and psychological issues, as well as providing an alternative for youth at-risk of experimenting with drugs, gangs, criminal activity, and other poten- tially dangerous life-altering decisions. The initiative is a positive environment for youth to learn and grow as individuals to become positive contributing members of society. While having a background in Kinesiol-

ogy, physical activity and sport is extensively emphasized as an effective holistic solution to many issues people face. It empowers the youth to understand that with time and ef- fort they are all capable of achieving success. An emphasis on SOTG helps to teach appro- priate character and values. The idea and program has always lingered,

however, two courses in university inspired a more concrete approach to this initiative. The program has been active for over the past 7 years with a steady growth in interest with each year. It has now grown 70 mem- bers on Facebook, between the ages of 14-18 years old. The youth are incredible sources of potential and while not fully developed, are easily manipulated. “The Ultimate Change Project” is designed to help promote, grow and guide the youth to be self-empowered individuals

HOW DID IT GO? While there are 70 members in the Face-

book group, about 20 people actually came out. There were times when we had 16 people out at a time, and also as few as 5.


HOW WERE YOU ABLE TO USE THE MONEY TO MAKE IT BETTER? The funding provided by Ultimate Canada

allowed for some of the youth to purchase cleats, where they would not have been able to otherwise. While not all of the funding was used, it is definitely banked for future use. There was concern about having to rent field space, and some anxiety among the group in case we wouldn’t have been able to acquire it. However, after exchanging phone calls and e-mails, it was clarified that we could legally use the fields without the need of permits. If permits were required, the rest of the funding would have gone towards that. The grant by VC Ultimate has yet to be

redeemed as a result of indecisiveness among the group about what to use it towards. We hope to have a design ready for the upcoming summer session and ordered for when it starts.

WHAT WILL YOU DO NEXT TIME IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME? Having gone through this project with

more organization, it is abundantly clear how important Ultimate can be as a solution for so many problems that the youth face. While the project is still premature, it shows great potential. This particular Ultimate Change Project was catered towards the community it took place in. In order for the success of a project like this, a strong connection and communication with the youth is needed, since most of the recruitment was by the youth encouraging others to come out. I would like to thank Ultimate Canada, VC Ultimate, Dr. Walter Perchal, Dr. Diane Law- less, and everyone else who believed in the project and supported it. There were definite- ly times when I questioned whether it was worthwhile. However, completing the project

Ultimate Canada Magazine —

However, the number of people that actually came out, it was always worthwhile. The program became important to those

that consistently came out. It was something they could look forward to during the week aside from staying in all day watching TV/ gaming.

demonstrates the ability of an individual to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem. It changed the lives of a few.

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