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Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game

WINNER OF THE 2012 TRUE SPORT GIVE BACK CHALLENGE The Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ulti-

mate Game is an Ultimate Canada initia- tive to promote Ultimate within every Canadian community. The goal of this nationwide game is to celebrate the in- clusive aspect of our sport, and highlight the Spirit of the Game through a 24+ hour Ultimate marathon. In 2012, the 3rd

year of the event, the

national game started in Yellowknife, NT. At the beginning of the day, with the score 0-0, the Yellowknife players had an hour to toss the disc around in the first leg of the game. At the end of their hour of play, they texted the new score to the next city on the schedule, Medicine Hat, AB. Another hour of Ultimate was then played in Alberta, and the score was texted to the next city and so on. The game moved to every city in Canada that wished to participate, includ- ing a city in all 10 provinces and 1 territory! At the end of this 28 hour game, the final score was 288 for the White team and 285 for the red team! More than a game, the Art Hawkins Ulti- mate Game is also a fundraiser. Each city provides players for the Red and White teams. Each team represents a charity: this year, the Red team was playing for Ultimate Peace, while the White team represented the Boys and Girls Club of Canada. Every city was invited to raise

money for those great causes, and at the end of the day, more than $8000 was donated to the charities. The win- ning team, Boys and Girls Club of Canada, received 60% of the profits, while the other, Ultimate Peace, re- ceived 40%.

TRUE SPORT “True Sport is Canada’s national move- ment for sport and community. Its goal is to help sport live up to its full potential as a public asset for Canada and Cana- dian society, making a significant contribution to the develop- ment of youth, the well- being of individuals, and quality of life in our communi- ties. True Sport is based on the values of: Fairness, Excellence, Inclusion and Fun and guided by the seven prin-

ciples for sport; Go for it, Play

Fair, Respect Oth- ers, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Every-

one and Give Back” explains

Christina Parons from True Sport. In 2012, Ultimate Canada entered the

Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game into the True Sport Give Back Chal- lenge with a video submission.

Ultimate Canada Magazine —

Parons says that “The True Sport Community Give-Back Challenge provides True Sport Members with an opportunity to give back to their com- munities by volunteering their time or hosting an event and donating the proceeds to a local charity or cause. True Sport members can demonstrate one of the unique characteristics of the True Sport Movement – putting values into action and unleashing the power of positive sport to create healthy vibrant communities. In 2012, winners were announced during the Sports Day in Canada broadcast on CBC Sports on September 29th After a few days of intense vot-

, 2012.”

ing through social media, Ultimate Canada was very pleased to know that more than 30% of the global votes went to our project. This provided great visibility for our sport, and an amazing opportunity to bring com- munities together in order to make this project a winning one! We now know that the Art Hawkins Great Ca- nadian Ultimate Game is well received by communities, and we know this event has a long life ahead! Please join us in 2013!


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