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1) Hi Nick, how are you doing today? I’m great thank you. It’s a beautiful day

in Toronto and up on the way to throw in the park.

2) Can you talk to us a little bit about yourself? Are you an Ultimate player? How long have you been playing? What is your line of work? etc I’ve been playing Ultimate for almost

20 years. I grew up playing in Toronto. My love for Ultimate is what led me to want to contribute to its growth and stay connected through coaching and creating tools for other players to use. UltiCoach has been great as it’s allowed me to think about and interact with Ultimate and the Ultimate community everyday. I love Ultimate and truly think it’s the most beautiful sport on the planet. I’ve been extremely lucky that since we will launched UltiCards in April of this year it has been my full-time job.

3) You are one of the founders of UltiCoach. Can you tell us about this group? What is its mission, how did you came up with this idea, what does it do for the Ultimate community? Our mission is to positively impact

the development of Ultimate around the world. We want to contribute to player enjoyment and to the growth of the sport. We do this through providing the type of organized & professional drill, skill, strategy, and


training materials that are available for all other professional sports, but until now have been absent from Ultimate. By providing access to Ultimate

tools and knowledge, players all over the world, and at any skill or experience level will be able to improve their games and get more from the sport. These people will then pass on their knowledge and in turn help the sport grow. For beginners, young players, and students we provide a way to learn the sport in a fun and easy way. For advanced players, coaches, and educators we have higher level drills, strategy, and the same playbook and training packages that are available for all other major sports.

4) Can you introduce your team at UltiCoach? Everybody on the UltiCoach team has an amazing passion and history with the sport. We are really lucky to have such a great team of people that not only love playing, but love coaching and developing. We’ve got worlds multiple gold medalist and Canadian Ultimate legend John Hassell, Canadian U23 national team head coach Patrick Mooney, professional sports educator and Capitals co-captain Carla DiFillipo, and USA National Champion, Callahan winner, Director of Coaching for Ultimate Peace, and very active Youth Ultimate coach Miranda Roth. Along with experienced players and coaches

Evan Phillips, Matthew Knowles, Anatoly Vasiliev, and Britt Mercadante - the UltiCoach team is made up of of most passionate

and successful players and coaches in the world. You can learn more about everybody

involved at meet-the-team.

5) The main product of UltiCoach

is now UltiCards, a deck of cards full with drills, skills, offense and defense strategies, techniques, tactics... How did you came up with this idea? We talked for for a while about coming up with an idea or product to help people learn about Ultimate in a fun and cool way. We thought about what we would have wanted when we started playing and coaching. We wanted something that was simple and easy to use but also very dynamic and expandable. There is a lot of great content out

there on blogs, websites, and video. But Ultimate Canada Magazine —

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