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injury incredibly painful and we certainly used his words to forge ahead. Sadly, we also lost the legendary Evan Wood to a hammy (the most popular Nomad injury) but his leadership and words continued to be a crucial support and beacon for us all. We ended up with the USA in the semi and advanced with a solid 17-12 performance to the gold medal game against the Aussies who “Rogackied” the Japanese 16-14. Tom Rogacki is a class act and a key part of the Aussie’s firepower. He scored 4 goals and had 4 assists in the semi and he easily outscored everyone in the Masters division. Rogacki was certainly a concern for us going into the final and “Big Dunc” MacDonald did a valiant job trying to cover the Aussie giant. It should be noted that “MG” also ended being covered by Tom on a couple of points which really helped our O line open up the lanes. MG was really walking on one leg due to a nagging hamstring injury that caused him to miss much of the tourney and he played a

masterful game as our 3rd O line handler. In the end we beat the Aussies 17-13

to capture the GOLD. We had strong performances from many bros but a couple of notables were Mauro Ortiz, Joey Houssain, Mike Enns, Marc Roberts, Dave Klassen, “More” Pete Atkinson, Al-Bob, Biff, Antz, Allan Cowan and the list goes on. Joe Sawada had a great block off a first throw of a pull at a key point early in the second half. Enns threw the winner to Roberts and I believe that is the 3rd time he has thrown to Roberts on game point to win a world title. We ended up with 5 goals from Turnovers to the Aussies 2 which was a testament to our D line. Our goal going into the final was really

to try and control the ENERGY around the game and in the end I know that made a big difference. We always believed we would win and climb the mountain together as ONE. It was great to be part of TEAM CANADA and support the efforts and successes of the other teams that were there. A crew of us went to Shanghai after

the tourney where we were hosted by an old UVIC friend which was a perfect aftermath to our many battles and great memories in Sakai and Osaka.

The NOMADS will not be attending

anymore worlds tournaments so we pass on the same challenge that was presented to us by many – to whomever will represent Canada the next time around, do what you have to do to assemble to best team available to keep the GOLD here in Canada. From our perspective part of being the best team we would assemble was bringing in a few special guys who really fit well into our brotherhood. I have played at worlds and nationals with many other teams, but I have never had the experience such as in Sakai where we had complete unquestioned unity, support and belief from all 27 brothers throughout the entire tournament. “Are you happy?” NOMADS TC

Ultimate Canada Magazine —

National Coaching Certification Program

(NCCP) Sign-up! This past spring, Ultimate Canada

launched its inaugural National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for community stream coaches. This program was developed in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada. The community-initiation coaching program is designed to train coaches who work with entry-level programs such as elementary school programs, middle school programs, and high school non- competitive programs. As of October 2012, 14 clinics have already been run in 7 provinces with over 180 coaches trained!

A second context,

competition introduction, is currently being developed to provide training for coaches of competitive high school and junior programs. Pilots for the competi- tion introduction program will take place in 2013 and it is expected to launch in 2013-2014. The Ultimate Canada coaching program is being supported by the generous support of our sponsors. We are excited to announce that Five Ultimate is the presenting sponsor for the coaching program, Discraft is the disc sponsor for the program and UltiCoach is the coaching resource sponsor. For more information about the Ultimate Canada coaching program, please visit the coaching website. https://canadianUltimate. com/index.php/en/about-uc/1/195


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