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My journey to Dublin


I started playing just over three years

ago, they way most girls do - not enough girls for a friend’s team and was called in at the last minute. I was immediately hooked. From there, I played for my school, then a club team, then the provincial team, and then trying out for TC just seemed like the natural next step. I have a core group of friends who also play Ultimate, so when we heard about tryouts the following spring, we immediately started truing. I think it may have even been about 6 months in advance. With the help of our coach, Jon Hayduk, we worked on all sorts of skills to prepare for tryouts. Every Sunday night, rain or shine, we’d be there, frisbee in hand. When the Vancouver tryout finally

rolled around, we all felt mixed emotions, jumping between nervousness and excitement. Tryouts were long, and by the end of those five hours everyone was ready to collapse and go home. Then came the waiting game. I can’t

say that I’ve ever checked my email as frequently as in those two weeks. When I finally heard the news I was so happy! And better yet, I had made it alongside three of my best friends. Preparation started immediately with a

‘get-to-know-you’ type of project where we were paired with someone from a different province and had to make a presentation about them. It was a really good way to find out some stuff about your teammates before we all met in Vancouver for our first training camp. Training camp was a lot of fun. It was really great getting to finally meet the team. We had only known each other for less than a week, but we made friends so fast that it was hard to say goodbye. Between the Vancouver camp and the Quebec City camp those of us in Vancouver were all training together regularly. That month in between flew by so quickly and before we knew it, we were on our 9 hour flight to Dublin. It was a great atmosphere because almost all the players (boys and girls) were


on the same flight. I’d never been to Dublin before and didn’t really know what to expect. When we finally arrived the first

thing I noticed was how nice the people were! Everyone was so friendly. And it was the same at the dorms. The energy was so high there, especially since all of the teams were staying in once central area. Colombia was the loudest by far. I still sometimes find myself humming their cheer. My best memory from the whole trip was probably the opening ceremonies. In preparation, Amira had made Canada leaf stencils and bought red and white spray paint to spray on our arms and legs. Then, we all entered together, decked out in the tackiest Canadian paraphernalia we could find. It was so much fun. There were so many teams and everyone was so excited. I’d never seen so many countries in one place. We had a couple of days practice

through the jet lag then the games began. In our pool play games we played France, Sweden, Germany U17, Italy and Latvia. We won all of those games pretty easily. Meanwhile, we had our eyes on the US and Colombia - our toughest competition. After pool play came power pools where we played Germany and Sweden and won both games. Then came our true test: Colombia. It was the semi-finals and we were all extremely nervous. Worse yet, the field we played on was literally a mud pit.

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