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unlike the major sports there were no comprehensive and sharply organized coaching and training materials. We wanted to organize all the skills, drills, strategy, and practice methods used by the top players and coaches in the sport and make them accessible to everybody in the world.

This piece has, until now been missing in Ultimate, and we hope that by providing it, we will be able to do a small part in helping take Ultimate to the next level.

6) Can you describe the utility of UltiCards and its purpose? UltiCards provide organized access to

the training methods and strategies of top players, teams, and coaches. They provide a way to organize training and development. They can help beginners learn new skills help veterans keep practice fresh and focused. There are cards and use scenarios for brand-new players and beginners all the way to elite and experienced teams. (We’ve had many young first year

teams use our Essential set to help them understand the basic skills and get them through their first season while Elite men’s team GOAT use our drills deck to plan their practices.) UltiCards are set up in a really user friendly way. Each card indicates how many people are needed for each drill so you can choose cards based on the precise number of people at practice. We have cards for two people all the way to full team practices. Both Drill and Skills cards are broken down into all the major categories: throwing, cutting, catching, offense, defense, and strategy. Each card indicates specifically what each drill will work on. So depending on the level and experience of your

team you can choose to work on basic cutting, vertical flow, defending cutters, end-zone scoring, getting the disc off the line, and any other scenario you will find in an Ultimate game. Coaches use the cards to plan practices based on specific team goals or daily targets. UltiCards teach fundamentals all the way to advanced strategy.

7) How can players and coachs in Canada get their hands on those cards? Every coach certified in Ultimate Canada’s NCCP will receive a special deck upon certification. Additional decks are available at some Ultimate Canada clinics. All of our decks are available on our website at

8) Anything else you’d like to

share with the Canadian Ultimate community? We love Ultimate and that’s why we

do this. We are extremely lucky to get to talk and think about Ultimate everyday. It’s so nice to hear from people who have already used UltiCards and have improved. It makes it all worth it to know that these cards contribute to players all over the world getting more enjoyment out of the sport. We love hearing suggestions and

working with the Ultimate community. Get in touch with us anytime about anything Ultimate related and we’d love to talk.

9) Thank you for your time Nick. Thank you. It’s been my pleasure speaking with you. Thanks so much for the time and opportunity to share a little bit about UltiCoach and UltiCards.

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