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Québec’s Mars Attaque World’s biggest indoor tournament!

BY MARIE TREMBLAY-PARADIS The Mars Attaque tournament was first

launched in Québec city in 2002. Since that time, it has become an annual event that has become the biggest indoor tournament in Québec and the biggest in the world.

BRIEF HISTORY Played 4 vs. 4, Mars Attaque now

attracts many teams from Québec, Ottawa and even the USA. With a lot of effort, the AJJUQ (Association des joueuses et joueurs d’Ultimate de Québec) has promoted the event and has helped spread the 4 vs. 4 Ultimate format. This playing format is now known by Ultimate fans far beyond Quebec’s frontiers. Each year, the tournament is led by

a Quebec city competitive team (Onyx 2009 to 2011 and QUB, 2012). These teams in collaboration with the AJJUQ have achieved great growth. The tournament started with only 20 teams in its first year, 88 teams in 2011 and 104 teams in 2012 (900 athletes). This increase in participation throughout the years also includes many competitive teams that have improved the level of play on the field. Don’t miss Mars Attaque in 2013! The tournament offers a splendid experience, with different teams from many locations in an interesting game format. The tournament is now held in

three different stadiums, on 21 fields to allow for media coverage from the press. Mathieu Bordeleau, Onyx’s captain (2009-2011) and QUB’s coach (2012), has done a tremendous in making Mars Attaque a “must play” tournament for Ultimate players.


Teams are invited to go to the principal stadium, where the Saturday dinner takes place and the evening events. It represent an impressive sporting event but also, an important get together for the Ultimate community.


SMITH Media now comes out to the

tournament every year. Last year was a turning point for the organization and the media with the visit of Brodie Smith. His visit helped increase the visibility of the event, but more importantly, the place of the sport within the media’s coverage. Known for his incredible “trick shots” and for his high level of play, the Ultimate-star flew to the “Vieille- Capitale” to participate in the tournament on a team with junior players from Quebec City. Brodie gave Ultimate clinics and shot a video of trick shots with Quebec city landmarks in the background. Two videos were produced, with one special “Hockey theme” that was seen almost 200 000 times on YouTube (see video 1 and video 2). Representing a turning point for

the Quebec Ultimate community, 2012 also saw the production of a documentary on the 10th anniversary of the tournament and the visit of BS21 to Québec. This documentary demonstrates the evolution of Mars Attaque and will hopefully convince you to participate in Mars Attaque 2013! Click here to see a French version of the documentary.


The number of players who play

this format of Ultimate keeps grow- ing. Quebec associations and the Fé- dération québécoise d’Ultimate (FQU) have put in a lot of time and effort to create a competitive circuit based on five main tournaments that take place from November to March. The circuit culminates with the provincial championship (CCQU4) that brings together the top 32 teams from all over Quebec. These teams include players

from Onyx, Odyssée, QUB, STORM and many more. Each team is built around 8 to 10 players. Here are the results. There is an open invitation to every Canadian player and team who would like to try this new game format which is fast, intense and spectacular. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to visit a beautiful and historical city, Quebec! Mars Attaque 2013 will be held in Quebec on the 23 and 24 March. For more information or to register your team for the Tournament, please contact See you in March!

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